Thursday, January 15, 2009

Montreal's ALL

Support your local scene.

I know right away what you're gonna say , "But Chloe , my local scene sux." I understand and trust me , have been there all I can say is that right now it's a great time to move to Montreal.

Shit's happening in this icy 'burg and things are pretty exciting. We've got a huge amount of excellent venues , promoters busting their asses to get great touring bands to town on a daily basis and a few locals that make my heart explode with pride.

Here's my list of ESSENTIAL Montreal bands , so that you can fit in when you move here.


Black Feelings
Psych-goth? It's dark , trippy and catchy. Ex-members of Les Angles Morts + Who's The Ghost? who aren't afraid to play in the rain.

Dead Wife
Bratty lowest-fi girl-punk. Ultra trashy and funner than a black eye.

Musical mud-ghosts haunting you while you walk through quicksand.

Grand Trine
Un-Greatful , Un-Dead . Ex-Be Bad.

Monday Morning Erection
Playful abstractions , turntables + whirlygigs + lockjaw grooves.

Panopticon Eyelids
Hawkwind in a wind tunnel .

Red Mass
Choyce from CPC Gangbangs , Sexareenos ect leading this insane noise-garage-gospel collective through dark rites.

Jefferson Hovercraft , meet H.P Lustcraft.

Everyone wants to fuck the guitarist-ist-ist-ist-ist-ist-ist , reverb motherfuckers.


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In other news , Skin Graft are having a massive sale.

Grab stuff from us , PRE , Made In Mexico , Ruins , Lake of Dracula ect for cheaper than usual.


Some of our tour dates are now posted -- , more to come. Anyone know the score in Iowa?



wsw said...

iowa city lacks physical violence.
everywhere you'd want to go gets easily gotten to by foot or bike. all is approximate.
maybe of interest:
real records / 203 N Linn St
record collector / 116 S Linn St
murphy-brookfield books / 219 N Gilbert S
white rabbitt (diy store) / 109 S Linn St
sound makers:
new pi co-op / 22 S. Van Buren St.

aids wolf / u.s. girls gots iowa city geeked

chloe lum said...

thanks sweetie.

chloe lum said...

thanks sweetie.

Unknown said...

Winnipeg? Are you shitting me?

chloe lum said...

no joke , we're coming!

Evan Eisel said...

hey gurl, i love you