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2 Sonic Youth Bios , One Month to Read 'Em!

The Good :

Goodbye 20th Century: A Biography of Sonic Youth by David Browne

Playing the game of “follow the namedrop in the Sonic Youth interview” was what got teenaged me into acts like Jesus Lizard , Boredoms , Pussy Galore and Dead C (putting the missing links together was my own suburban Canadian Noise-Rock n' Roll Highschool.) so I’ll always owe them a major debt. This book is the 3rd major biography I’ve read on them and is , in my opinion , the best. It avoids the drama of many rock bios and gives us the SY brass tacks with tons of talk on process and sound , as well as the band’s ambivilance with fame and success. I'm especially into all the gear talk, in depth discussion of the recording experiences and in hearing about the early days and the influence of the No-Wave scene.

The Bad:

Psychic Confusion : The Sonic Youth Story by Steve Chick

This book is annoying and fawning. It's basically the author having a jerk off fest over how great SY are. Buddy , you don't need to sell 'em to me , I'm already reading the book! Too much fan boy drool , next to no substance.


Since Our record came out a month ago , and tour get closer , we've been getting a a few people writing about us too.

This one is from the
Platine Blog . Platine is a record store in Quebec City.

Les loups sida sont de retour avec une sanglante nouvelle galette. Enregistré en plein milieu de leur dernière tournée étasunienne, voilà un album auquel il faudra porter attention. Notons d'emblée qu'il fut produit par nul-autre que Weasel Walter, l'être le plus actif de la nouvelle scène no-wave, et que non seulement il y appose son sceau, mais il y fait aussi une réalisation remarquable. Puisque sur ce disque, AIDS Wolf y va fort dans leur destruction du rock, d'une façon si intense qu'on y perd parfois la notion même de chanson. Plus dur d'écoute que leurs précédents enregistrements, c'est toutefois avec une heureuse patience qu'on le ré-écoute encore et encore pour comprendre ce qui leur passe par la tête. Cities of Glass marque un retour très lourd mais aussi très efficace, d'une vivacité qui rappelle beaucoup leur énergie en spectacle. (Marc-Antoine Dion, Platine)

And here's an interview I did with Pulp Mag a few weeks ago (I REALLY need to mind the freaking typos , eep!) :

Interview by Foxxy

A great band from Montreal Canada. A four piece band thats beyond" Very Artsy" that demands people to reconnect, react and recover from the tears of millions.

Love it and demand it......
My interview with Aidswolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q & A'sssssssss

What does AIDS WOLF mean 2 you?

Dada in 2 words.or the world’s shortest sound poem

How did you 4 meet?

Doing our time in the montreal music ghetto , and travellin’ the inter galatic prog-waves.

Do you think that Montreal is the mecca of GREAT MENACING MUSIC from Canada? and why?

I’m not sure , I think vancouver might be leading the pack right now with the whole scene around the emergency room. I’ve been listening the mutators/shearing pinx split lp all week and it’s getting me pumped up on life! vancouver’s probably great for it cause it’s pretty depressing there.

Your track " We are all animals" how did this attack track occur?

We were recording at the hotel 2 tango after a few whirlwind days touring with cpc gangbangs and the brutal knights. On no sleep , raging headaches and covered in bruises from a rowdy weekend , we showed up at the hotel at 8 am Sunday morning. We laid down a few of our songs and then just started jamming with the tape rolling.
we are all animals was one of those jams.

the lyrics are basically about how being on tour reduces you to animal instinct and urges. They were made up on the spot.
it’s on our new split 12” with night wounds on nail in the coffin.

I hear that some of your band members are cutters?

We are armed with exacto knives , that’s the danger of have 2 graphic designers in the band.

Who are some of the bands musical influences?

Captain beefheart , yes , us maple , voivod , emerson lake and palmer , albert marceour , pussy galore , black flag , saccarine trust , sightings , trobbing gristle , royal trux , lake of dracula.

What does Mark Mclean mean to you?

the best friend we could ever have and a non stop source of inspiration and support. He’s the reason this band exists. His new band thrashed jeans is about to be the best thing in toronto.

How is touring in the states compared to Canada?

Less driving ,more vegan treats , rowdier crowds , whole foods , generally more of a scene and support network for noise rock.

Any crazy stories, of fun-unrest and despair on the road?

We all kinda broke down at our show in france because the 2 support bands were sooooo shitty and both played over an hour. It was TORTURE – I actually cried.. French mr bunglesque-emo-prog should be against the geneva convention.

Are there any bands from Toronto that you are listening 2 right now?

BRUTAL KNIGHTS!!! , career suicide , rozasia(rip) , disguises, and the creeping nobodies have all been on the turntable over the past few week.there’s lots to love in toronto .

Where do you think this band will be in 5 years?

Celebrating our 10th aniversary and coaxing john french to join as our second drummer.
hopefully there will be affordable hybrid vans by then.

The Cities of Glass event is coming up in Toronto, What are you hoping for?

To see all our friends in the audience , smilling, looking awesome and dancing up a storm! if we could get a nice brunch with mclean + team burnout on Sunday , all the better.

I really love your track" put yr head on a plate"- How did this song come together?

I don’t remember! it was too long ago!

What does "indie" music mean 2 you?

A band , a van , a plan .

Any last words to the public??

Love yourself!


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