Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Here's a recent review for "lifeforce warriors".
As usual , the reviewer doesn't know what tracks are collabs and what tracks are the bands solo but whateves.

In more interesting news we are playing our first show with our new guitarist , come find out who he is. He's a soccer enthusiast. That's a clue.

may 6th
zoobizarre (montreal)
AIDS wolf
one other band tba
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We're very excited to for this show. Not only are sightings one of our favorites in the current "noise" scene but ALSO they are one of the few bands we've met understand the whole "get in the van" thing. Mark even looks like he works out. I was luck to get to pick his brains on all the important things in life : Henry Rollins , Sacchrine Trust ( who are still alive and active!) and of copurse the literary works of Joe Carducci.

Can someone please start a movement called buff-core? The weightlifters in AW would dig the motivation.


We'll be playing a few other shows in Ontario in June. Some of them are looking pretty darn hotttttt. We won't be hitting the USA til fall , but then we're looking at an intensive 6 week tour. We're bring a weight set for the road.