Tuesday, August 26, 2008


( the orange is dayglow in real life)
cities of glass

Front Cover.

cities out
Outside Foldout.

cities inside
Inside Foldout. (photo by Yannick Grandmont)

cities cd face
CD Face.

traycard front
And Under.

tray card back

cog promo

Close up of the photo (merci Yannick!) , masks by Morag Kydd .

Preview track for the curious , or morbid :Tied-Up In Paper

Track listing :
1. M.T.I.
2. Tied-Up In Paper
3. Cities of Glass
4. Ch-ch-ch-chatter
5. Down, Holy Ground
6. Gnarly Tooth
7. General _ _
8. A Sacrificial Drone
9. Relevant Issues
10. So Many Plastic Pearls

Out September 9th , CD on Skingraft , gatefold LP on Lovepump United

Vinyl Pre-order here , tour dates on our myspace .

Please note , 300 of the LPs are mint and orange splatter vinyl. First 200 copies copies mailordered will be splatter.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Impossible You Say?

I must have fallen into BIZARRO WORLD 'cause actually got a good review from our Columbus show at the end of last March. It was a pretty fun night despite the kid who was stressing me out 'cause he was on so much drugs he kept hurtin' himself and freaking everyone out.

Hugs not drugs duder.

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Our split with Night Wounds is finally out on Nail In The Coffin Skin Graft bought up a bunch of copies so if you're already ordering stuff from them you can grab one. This record was a loooooong time coming and we're pretty excited to finally have 'em in hand. Night Wounds are one of my personal faves with their weird disoriented no-goth. I know I've said it a million times but for me the best part if being in a band is getting to play and do splits with the bands I'm excited about. If i were cuter I would have become a groupie . I'm such a nerdy fan-girl I foam at the mouth thinking about all the bands I love.

Now the stats . There are 500 of these babies floating around , an undisclosed amount are red / yellow splatter but most are black.