Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ok folks , the is kinda of a pre-mature pre- tour. We'll play with PRE and hopefully pre-vent any fun from going down. Cause if there's one thing AIDS Wolf HATES , it's fun.

Come check out KZZZZZ aka "The New Guy" , maybe grab our "New Record" or "New Shirts" , we'll play a "New Song". All in "New York".




Monotonix 1:00 AM

The Mae Shi 12:00 AM

An Albatross 11:00PM

Akimbo 10:00PM

Best Fwends 9:00PM


The Homosexuals 12:45 AM

AIDS Wolf 11:45PM

DMBQ 10:45PM

Shellshag 9:45PM

Catcall 8:45PM


Aa 12:30 AM

Sole and the Skyrider Band 11:30 PM

Yip Yip 10:30 PM



Doors at 8pm. ALL AGES

Tickets available here in advance for $14

Buy tix

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Saturday, October 25th @ SCHMARKET SCHMOTEL


12:40am :
The Mae Shi
12:10am :: secret guests we can't list here
11:40pm ::: PRE
11:10pm :::: Psychic Ills
10:40pm ::::: DMBQ
10:10pm :::::: Akimbo
-9:40pm ::::::: AIDS Wolf
-9:10pm :::::::: An Albatross
-8:40pm ::::::::: Sole and the Skyrider Band
-8:20pm :::::::::: Yip Yip
-8:00pm ::::::::::: Cloaks

1142 Myrtle Ave @ Bdwy | Bushwick, Brooklyn
JMZ-Mrytle, L-Jefferson, G-Myrtle/Willoughby | 8pm | all ages | no phone

[ curated by Michelle Cable ]
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

They're Sayin'

Because I seem to have some type of OCD , I've made a list of some reviews the new album's been getting.

Now Magazine on Cities Of Glass

Hour on Cities Of Glass

We Heart Music on Cities Of Glass

Tiny Mix Tapes on Cities Of Glass

Aversion on on Cities Of Glass

New Noise on Cities Of Glass

Megzeazez on Cities Of Glass

EVP on Cities Of Glass

Other Music on Cities Of Glass

The Montreal Gazette on Cities Of Glass

XLR8R on Cities Of Glass

Vue Weekly on Cities Of Glass

Eye Weekly on Cities Of Glass

And because everyone loves Neue Deutsche Welle , here's some footage of Palais Schaumburg in 81.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Best Part Of Being In A Band

Is all the inspiring and creative people you meet via playing shows.

Still , having people to care about your tastes in music is kinda neat too. It's nice to know that we can spread a bit of love back to those who inspire us and hopefully introduce a few people to their new favorites . Since our band has more than one record nerd , we relish talking about the records that are getting us excited.

I only wish we could have each had our own list!

AIDS Wolf , Listed :


AIDS Wolf formed during the great Wolf wave of 2003. Satirical and baiting, the Montreal foursome took immense joy in poking fun at the suddenly ubiquitous band nameand pissing off self-righteous folks everywhere. Funny thing happened, though: tasteless as they were, AIDS Wolf made pretty decent music, too. Their brand of danceable noise-rock incorporated the sounds of Captain Beefheart, Voivod and Throbbing Gristle well enough to catch the ear of Montreal’s best radio station CKUT 90.3 FM, which has been a champion of their music ever since. And as you might gather from this week’s Listed, Yannick, Myles, Chloe and Alex are each rabid record collectors. The band’s latest LP, Cities of Glass is out now on Skin Graft Records, and you can catch their debauchery live on the following dates:

Oct. 30 – Danbury, Conn. (Heirloom Arts Theatre)
Oct. 31 – Brooklyn, N.Y. (Danbro Studio Warehouse in Goldenrod Brewery w/ DMBQ, Ponytail, Homosexuals and more)
Nov. 1 – Philadelphia, Penn. (WPW w/DMBQ)
Nov. 2 – Washington D.C. (Velvet Lounge)
Nov. 3 – Baltimore, Md. (Otto Bar w/Deerhunter)
Nov. 4 – Richmond, Va. (The Triple)
Nov. 5 – Greensboro, N.C. (Square One)
Nov. 6 – Atlanta, Ga. (The Earl)
Nov. 7 – Chattanooga, Tenn. (JJ’s Bohemia)
Nov. 8 – Birmginham, Ala. (The Bottletree)
Nov. 9 – Hot Springs, Ark. (The Exchange)
Nov. 10 – St. Louis, Mo. (Bluebird)
Nov. 11 – Kansas City, Mo. (Record Bar)
Nov. 12 – Oklahoma City, Okla. (Conservatory)
Nov. 13 – Dallas, Texas (Club Dada)
Nov. 14 – Austin, Texas (Emo’s)
Nov. 15 – Lubbock, Texas (The Foundation)
Nov. 16 – Albuquerque, N.M. (Launchpad)
Nov. 17 – Phoenix, Ariz. (Modified Arts / Trunk Space)
Nov. 18 – San Diego, Calif. (The Casbah)
Nov. 19 – Los Angeles (The Smell)
Nov. 20 – Sacramento, Calif. (UC-Davis Firehouse w/ AH Kraken, the Mayyors)
Nov. 21 – Oakland, Calif. (21 Grand)
Nov. 22 – San Francisco, Calif. (Hemlock Tavern)
Nov. 23 – Portland, Ore. (East End)
Nov. 24 – Vancouver, B.C. (Biltmore)
Nov. 25 – Seattle, Wash. (Vera Project)
Nov. 26 – Missoula, Mon. (Badlander)
Nov. 28 – Minneapolis, Minn.
Nov. 29 – Chicago, Il.
Nov. 30 – Detroit, Mich.

1. The University of Minnesota Marching Band - 14th Annual Indoor Concert 1975 (Mark Records)
Picked that up in a Minneapolis used shop. Contains probably the most staccato and jerky pieces of pink noise ever. Completely recorded in some incredibly reverby arena, where the crowd screams mix with the drum lines to increase the confusion even more. The songs are complete bullshit arrangements from traditional and other SousaSousa-like favorites, but the fun of it rests mostly in the crazy-assed blend of the percussion that ends up sounding like a hurricane of treble without any tone. The army-like feel and whistle shots increase the uncomfortable feeling of the whole recording (Yannick)

2. The Karate Party “1, 2, 3, 4,” (from Black Helicopter on S-S Records)
The bass goes on a descending scale in 8, while the drums go in 4 – following an extremely basic repetitive pattern, and the guitar is in 2, strumming two huge super atonal chords back and fourth, the guitar meets up with the bass in the chorus, while the drums goes in 2 – the whole thing sounds super alienated but keeps it catchy – a garage unit that is not afraid of churning out completely atonal pieces without sounding like goth-drenched no wave. Like a better, weirder Crime. (Yannick)

3. Moussa Doumbi - “Yeye Mousso” (from Lipa Kodi Ya City Council on Mississippi Records

This tune is amazing because it makes an extremely atonal vocal line very very catchy. 1960s distorted psych from Mali. Its inspiring because its heavy and driving and simultaneously very joyful. The bassline is undeniably North American sounding but the vocal tone and melody is very otherworldly. That particular bassline turns up in a modified form somewhere on Cities of Glass. The rest of the record is beautiful as well, the gospel song at the end of the first side is particularly gorgeous. (Myles)

4. Donna Summer - “I Feel Love” (from Live and More on Casablanca Records)
This one might seem out of left field but the slightly distorted vocals and bizarre harmonies from the back up singers take this version to another level. She introduces her sisters and orchestra during the synth breakdown, which is charming. The energy of the performance and the audience make this one great. And the synth tone of course. (Myles)

5. Alban Berg - Wozzeck: Performed by the New York Philharmonic, Dimitri Mitropoulos, Conductor (Sony Classical Heritage Masterworks Series)
Opera is so abstract. When you get into the 20th century stuff and the music becomes less tonal and you have ladies really getting into the upper registers it becomes bonkers dissonant. This one tells the story of a soldier who is brutalized by the system, experimented on by a crazed doctor, constantly belittled and berated by his military superiors and ends up murdering his mistress...all the while failing his wife and child in untold psychological ways. Harsher than any current p.e. noise. Herzog made a film version of this story. Berg’s opera is better...if you can sift through the German libretto. (Alex)

6. The Scenics - Play the Velvet Underground - How Does it Feel To be Loved (Dream Tower Records)
Recently released, unearthed tapes of some scrappy Ontario boys belting out VU covers in various Toronto clubs circa ‘79-80. No frills, no skills versions of all your faves by some no-name jammers from hogtown. Lovely. (Alex)

7. Felix Morel - Journey Through Quebec’s Weirdo Underground (Live CKUT 90.3 Montreal Broadcast)
Felix is an amazing poster artist in Montreal who does collage better than anyone in the current crop. He’s also in a great Montreal band called Panopticon Eyelids, who have stuff out on Our Mouth and Abandon Ship records. Here he plays two straight hours of absolutely bent Quebec underground music from the mid ‘60s to present. From psychedelic jigs to gutter punk songs in French about mescaline. So amazing. Grip mp3 here. (Alex)

8. Albert Marcoeur - Albert Marcoeur (Atlantic)
A few years back, when we were on tour, we played a show in Munich that was a bit of a disaster. Our set was capped with a huge fight with our then guitarist, Christopher, who stormed out into the fog with the keys to the van leaving us stuck at the venue. On top of that we’d spent the day at Dachau, so were all feeling pretty fucked up and moody.

Trying to lighten the mood one of our hosts , Herman, poked his bearded face into the room saying “I hear you guys like prog?” and waved a giant slab of records at us. So, we all stayed up all night taking notes. This was the best record he played us, and lucky for me I found a copy at a record convention in Belgium about a month later.

Albert Marcoeur is a french avant-prog multi-instrumentalist who writes some of the most off kilter tunes this side of Captain Beefheart. On this record he sings, plays drums, clarinet, piano, wood pipes and a bizarre homemade percussive horn made from PVC tubing.

On songs like “C’est Raté, C’est Raté" and "Tu Tapes Trop Fort" he gurgles, barks, screams, slows and speeds his vocal lines and uses heavy breathing as percussion. These are the songs I studied while coming up with my vocals for Cities of Glass. This album is so disjointed and discordant, yet manages to be downright celebratory. It’s avant gardism that is FUN. (Chloe)

9. U.S Girls - Bit + Pieces CD-R (no label)
U.S. Girls is one girl – one girl who tours by herself on a Greyhound bus, sings over backing tapes played on a tube-powered reel-to-reel and makes some of the most hauntingly original music I’ve heard in a long time. It’s a one-woman goth-noise-girl group that’s amazingly catchy, using weird percussive elements in both vocal delivery and in the backing music.

The call and response vocals of the title track (a Dave Clark 5 cover, FYI) is especially interesting, it’s auditory schizophrenia! A demented one-person conversation that playfully and scarily subverts the original context of the song, the way few covers can. My fingers are crossed that these tracks will find a proper (meaning vinyl) home in the near future. (Chloe)

10. Country Teasers – The Empire Strikes Back (In The Red)
“All human life must be destroyed!!” Yes, Ben , I agree. The world’s greatest living lyricist doesn’t pull any punches here. His satirical lines might cause some of your friends some discomfort, so ditch ‘em – they aren’t too bright anyway. You deserve much better, smarter and funnier friends.

Being less abrasive than much of the Country Teasers output, I was initially surprised at myself for liking this so much more than everything else they’ve done. And that’s saying a lot cause I’ve been obsessed with this band for 10 years. It works in an “avant” context because of the epic nature of the album. Song to song there are subtle shifts in tone, and thematically, there is more cohesion than found on previous albums. What we have here is a concept album on race relations and misanthropy. This thing is a fucking opera and B.R Wallers is the smartest person I’ve ever met. (Chloe)


Because I'm a space cadet I forgot to post this . Here yous go! AW live in Milan last May



Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 Sonic Youth Bios , One Month to Read 'Em!

The Good :

Goodbye 20th Century: A Biography of Sonic Youth by David Browne

Playing the game of “follow the namedrop in the Sonic Youth interview” was what got teenaged me into acts like Jesus Lizard , Boredoms , Pussy Galore and Dead C (putting the missing links together was my own suburban Canadian Noise-Rock n' Roll Highschool.) so I’ll always owe them a major debt. This book is the 3rd major biography I’ve read on them and is , in my opinion , the best. It avoids the drama of many rock bios and gives us the SY brass tacks with tons of talk on process and sound , as well as the band’s ambivilance with fame and success. I'm especially into all the gear talk, in depth discussion of the recording experiences and in hearing about the early days and the influence of the No-Wave scene.

The Bad:

Psychic Confusion : The Sonic Youth Story by Steve Chick

This book is annoying and fawning. It's basically the author having a jerk off fest over how great SY are. Buddy , you don't need to sell 'em to me , I'm already reading the book! Too much fan boy drool , next to no substance.


Since Our record came out a month ago , and tour get closer , we've been getting a a few people writing about us too.

This one is from the
Platine Blog . Platine is a record store in Quebec City.

Les loups sida sont de retour avec une sanglante nouvelle galette. Enregistré en plein milieu de leur dernière tournée étasunienne, voilà un album auquel il faudra porter attention. Notons d'emblée qu'il fut produit par nul-autre que Weasel Walter, l'être le plus actif de la nouvelle scène no-wave, et que non seulement il y appose son sceau, mais il y fait aussi une réalisation remarquable. Puisque sur ce disque, AIDS Wolf y va fort dans leur destruction du rock, d'une façon si intense qu'on y perd parfois la notion même de chanson. Plus dur d'écoute que leurs précédents enregistrements, c'est toutefois avec une heureuse patience qu'on le ré-écoute encore et encore pour comprendre ce qui leur passe par la tête. Cities of Glass marque un retour très lourd mais aussi très efficace, d'une vivacité qui rappelle beaucoup leur énergie en spectacle. (Marc-Antoine Dion, Platine)

And here's an interview I did with Pulp Mag a few weeks ago (I REALLY need to mind the freaking typos , eep!) :

Interview by Foxxy

A great band from Montreal Canada. A four piece band thats beyond" Very Artsy" that demands people to reconnect, react and recover from the tears of millions.

Love it and demand it......
My interview with Aidswolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q & A'sssssssss

What does AIDS WOLF mean 2 you?

Dada in 2 words.or the world’s shortest sound poem

How did you 4 meet?

Doing our time in the montreal music ghetto , and travellin’ the inter galatic prog-waves.

Do you think that Montreal is the mecca of GREAT MENACING MUSIC from Canada? and why?

I’m not sure , I think vancouver might be leading the pack right now with the whole scene around the emergency room. I’ve been listening the mutators/shearing pinx split lp all week and it’s getting me pumped up on life! vancouver’s probably great for it cause it’s pretty depressing there.

Your track " We are all animals" how did this attack track occur?

We were recording at the hotel 2 tango after a few whirlwind days touring with cpc gangbangs and the brutal knights. On no sleep , raging headaches and covered in bruises from a rowdy weekend , we showed up at the hotel at 8 am Sunday morning. We laid down a few of our songs and then just started jamming with the tape rolling.
we are all animals was one of those jams.

the lyrics are basically about how being on tour reduces you to animal instinct and urges. They were made up on the spot.
it’s on our new split 12” with night wounds on nail in the coffin.

I hear that some of your band members are cutters?

We are armed with exacto knives , that’s the danger of have 2 graphic designers in the band.

Who are some of the bands musical influences?

Captain beefheart , yes , us maple , voivod , emerson lake and palmer , albert marceour , pussy galore , black flag , saccarine trust , sightings , trobbing gristle , royal trux , lake of dracula.

What does Mark Mclean mean to you?

the best friend we could ever have and a non stop source of inspiration and support. He’s the reason this band exists. His new band thrashed jeans is about to be the best thing in toronto.

How is touring in the states compared to Canada?

Less driving ,more vegan treats , rowdier crowds , whole foods , generally more of a scene and support network for noise rock.

Any crazy stories, of fun-unrest and despair on the road?

We all kinda broke down at our show in france because the 2 support bands were sooooo shitty and both played over an hour. It was TORTURE – I actually cried.. French mr bunglesque-emo-prog should be against the geneva convention.

Are there any bands from Toronto that you are listening 2 right now?

BRUTAL KNIGHTS!!! , career suicide , rozasia(rip) , disguises, and the creeping nobodies have all been on the turntable over the past few week.there’s lots to love in toronto .

Where do you think this band will be in 5 years?

Celebrating our 10th aniversary and coaxing john french to join as our second drummer.
hopefully there will be affordable hybrid vans by then.

The Cities of Glass event is coming up in Toronto, What are you hoping for?

To see all our friends in the audience , smilling, looking awesome and dancing up a storm! if we could get a nice brunch with mclean + team burnout on Sunday , all the better.

I really love your track" put yr head on a plate"- How did this song come together?

I don’t remember! it was too long ago!

What does "indie" music mean 2 you?

A band , a van , a plan .

Any last words to the public??

Love yourself!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting Laid(s) Wolf

WOW! Pop Montreal is over and I'm covered with bruises , have a split lip and a giant dazed smile on my face. The "Weird Punk" series was a success despite a few hiccups and I saw several bands who until recently , I knew only from their recordings.

After our show in Quebec city , Yannick and I were stuck in a very bright , very loud room and only slept an hour. That brought in a delirium that lasted the entire weekend and gave me hallucinations while I danced the nights (and mornings) away.Totally incoherent , any conversations I had on the weekend were nonsense babbling.

Thus , our set. Saturday Myles came down with a NASTY case of food poisoning and spent all afternoon and evening puking his guts out.By showtime , he was still vomiting so , being the "get-in-the-van) types we are , the show went on. We invited Erin (Ward , from Shearing Pinx) and Steve (Mattos aka Chrome Jackson , 1/2 of Athletic Automaton , ex-Arab On Radar , our very good pal) to join us from a 3 guitar psychedelic (the lack of sleep helped get those brainwave paterns running overtime , drugfree motherfuckers!) post-neo-wave freakout. We called it getting Laids(s) Wolf and played for about half an hour , part of that time I was hallucinating so hard the only way I could sing was to lie on the floor with my eyes closed.

It was probably one of the more satisfying sets I've ever played. Was it good? I was too tranced out to tell but my friend Jeff (aka Captain No-Pants) was having a blast watching the crowd's reactions and said we split their affections fairly evenly . I guess we'll know the results once Justin sends us the recording .

HOWEVER I offered guest list spots for our Sunday afternoon show to anyone who thought the jamz sucked and only 2 people asked.

Sunday , Myles was in better but not perfect shape and we managed to pull off a "normal " AIDS Wolf Set at the Cove . Afterwards I blushed and felt shy cause dudes from bands I really like lots told me we were good.

Having someone from a band you are a fan of , no matter what , is always akin to your secret crush asking you on a date.It's awesome and exciting and wonderful but deep down , your insecurities are making you paranoid it's some prank out of Carrie.

Or was I just an unpopular kid?

Either way , I hope the fine folks at the Cove start hosting more afternoon BBQ shows , this was seriously FUN , totally different vibe from nighttime shows. It felt so real and friendly , like we were all on the same team.

Shearing Pinx , Tyvek ,U.S. Girls & TV Ghost = Fellow Spaceways Travelers , possible new friends for lyfe. (It's true we played with Shearing Pinx a while ago so TECHNICALLY they aren't NEW friends but this Pop was our first serious bro-down with them.)

An Albatross = Old School crew , back in my arms at last! Can't WAIT till CMJ to spend more time with these truly wonderful men.

Black Feelings = one of the best bands in Montreal and total troopers for playing on the roof IN THE FUCKING RAIN!.

Some pics by Pierre:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Only bummers were that both Neptune and Made In Mexico had to cancel , it just wasn't the same without them.

ATTEN: ONTARIO/QUEBEC! We might do a few smallish shows inside you at the end of the month (between Oct 26-29) , anyone interested in booking us holla : andre (at) blueskiesturnblack (dot) com.

Anything fun will be considered.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

We're Playing 2 shows

weird punk

October 4th Le Divan Orange (4234 St Laurent):::

02:00 AM --- AIDS Wolf
01:00 AM --- Neptune
12:00 AM --- Death Set
11:00 PM --- Shearing Pinx
10:00 PM --- CHROME JACKSON (feat. Steve Mattos of Arab on Radar/ Athletic Automaton)
08:30 PM --- screening of the new ARAB ON RADAR DVD "Sunshine for Shady People"


Sunday, October 4th :::

@ Friendship Cove (215a Murray St - Bonaventure Metro station).

doors open @ NOON! ALL AGES!!!!!

05:00 PM --- Tyvek
04:00 PM --- AIDS Wolf
03:00 PM --- Double Dagger
02:00 PM --- Black Feelings
01:15 PM --- The Pink Noise
12:30 PM --- Many Mental Mistakes


Last night was our second time playing Quebec city and , as last time everyone sat down while watching us. What's up QC? Do you guys hate us? Or just fun in general.
Cause shows are way more fun for both the band AND the crowd when you stand near the front and perhaps bang your head or shake your ass.
We're confused.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shoot Me , NOW

So yesterdayI got a lovely message praising our new record a part of it was a congratulation for how we made our cover of another band's song "our own".
Except it's not a cover . We have not recorded a cover to this date. If we did we would not change the title of the song and we WOULD credit the band.
I'm baffled.

Speaking of covers , my on-and-off Black Flag cover band , The Sandwiches, played a few shows the other week. One of them being an after party for the
Mudhoney show across the street. As soon as I stepped of the stage , Mark Arm asked me if we could do it again.

As fun as it is to make fools out of ourselves playing all of "Damaged" , I think The Sandwiches , or at least this version of them are laid to rest for good.


In totally ancient news (aka I suck) we did the record launches aka 2 last ever shows with Andre and they were happy sad. As I've mentioned on this blog more than once , playing local shows always gives me crazy amounts of stress because I'm simply too aware of who's there , who's not and all the promotion details . Also as we generally bring outta town bands to join in the fun , I worry about them having a good time , being satisfied with the show AND getting a good impression of Montreal.
This time was no different. Yannick and I were up printing till 5 am the night before and the day of , I couldn't nap cause it seemed everyone I know was calling. Dancing around the kitchen and listening to The Intelligence while drinking homemade kombucha and taking every vitamin known to man only goes so far to replace lost hours of sleep.
So tired and wonky I got to the venue and as usual started panicking. Panopticon Eyelids were great , Indian Jewlery were great and we played to a very rowdy crowd (maybe 2 rowdy with one dude BLOWING in my face--wtf? multiple times , Tobias lifting me over his head and Eben grabbing my face and pulling it.) . In the rowdiness I realized that outta the 250 people there , I only knew about 20 and a wave of calm washed over me. In the 5 and a half years since our first sow at the defunct Pasalymany's , our local crowd has turned from mostly being people we know to being , what? Fans? Kids? I have no idea who these people are but I love that they move and I love that I no longer feel nervous.

Walking around outside with my friend Lisa after the set was kinda weird cause kids were all"oh is that the singer ?" , It seems strange to be anything other than just Chloe , especially on home turf.

The Toronto show was more "fun" and yet yet more drama at the same time. Since we hadn't been there in a year (!!!!!!!) pretty much ALLLLLL the Toronto crews came out (yes even TEAM BURNOUT) so just catching up with everyone all night was LOVELY! The poster art on the walls only made the night better as did the mock duck from Buddah's.
Mclean's new band thrashed jeans brought the flipper meets meets throbbing gristle jams (although I could only hear one of the guitars, not to guitarists 15 watt amps are for the bedroom , not the stage. ) and I really really impressed with Romo Roto

I had a few talks with a few intense fans (thanks Toronto , we love you tooooo) including Tavis who flew in From Winnipeg (your dedication is awesome and it reminds me of myself when i was your age) and one girl who started crying on meeting me. Awkward yet AWESOME. THIS is the reason to be in a band. If only a fraction of these people end up pursuing art or music making , it'll have been worthwhile.

Of course ,being an AIDS Wolf show there needed to be a bummer and our bummer starts and ends with a violent sack of hippy shit.First he climbed on stage ,stomping on a buncha gear , THEN he threw a bottle at Andre , hitting him in the face THEN he was onstage again , punching Myles in the back.I was in the crowd and had no idea anything was amiss until my bandmates walked off the stage 2 songs before the end of our planned set.

Afterwards we saw some REAL violence on the street while loading our van .

Some photos Pierre took




Ends and starts , our first show with KZZZ is tomorrow night in Quebec City

Jeudi le 2 Octobre
251, rue Dorchester:
Quebec, QC

Festival Antenne-A

LA soirée si vous aimez les sensations fortes et les performances qui résonnent pour les semaines à venir.
22h - 8$

An Albatross
An Albatross est un orgasme sonique, une bourrasque mécanique, saccadés des signatures des temps éclipsées par des pseudo-mélodies d'orgue Farfisa. Vous connaissez un groupe qui fait quatre prestations en une journée, qui offre un spectacle qui fait l'équilibre entre une attaque explosive de disco, une cérémonie Appalaches manipulateur-de-serpent et James Brown? An Albatross de Philadelphie est reconnu pour sa performance légendaire et sa musique est incontestablement parfaite pour la génération d'aujourd'hui : courte, complexe et remplis d'éclats viscéraux. An Albatross souligne la sortie The Family Album en tournant au travers l’Amérique et en nous rendant une première visite à Québec. Visite qu’il ne faut pas manquer!
An Albatross

Aids Wolf
AIDS Wolf est un groupe de noise rock canadien originaire de Montréal. Ils ont débuté chez Pasalymany tapes mais sont actuellement signés chez Skin Graft Records et Lovepump United. Citant Captain Beefheart, ils comparent leur son à quelque chose comme "une pieuvre mangeant de la bouillie dans un sac de polyéthylène" (a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag).

Billets en feu chez Platine le disquaire et à L'Agitée.

AIDS Wolf , aids wolf, AIDS WOLF , AIDSWOLF

Here are some olddddd and short videos of us in Orlando!