Thursday, June 19, 2008


oh my gawd i loved this show. the rebel rule my ass . bromancer ruled my ass. dancing with keex and sophie ruled my ass.

from a show at death by audio last october. it's on the fingered dvd zine , montreal edition.

random and dull AIDS wolf newz:

-yannick and i get home next week and we'll be in the studio shortly to record a few new split 7"s. one of them involves us doing our first ever cover.

-for everyone who keeps asking about shirts , we're setting up an online distro and will have exclusive shirts for sale in the next month. these will be designs you can only get from us by mail order.we'll even have a few one of a kind shirts , made by me and yannick, aka seripop , obviously.

-our friends gay beast are on tour in the us/canada. go see them, they are the greatest thing to come out of the midwest since lake of dracula.

-i might have mentioned it before but we aren't playing any shows till september 12th. we have big stuff planned that we're working on this summer.

thanks so much to everyone who helped us out , played with us and came to see us in europe and israel. especially if you danced. even more so if you danced with me.

we love you tons.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

tour is over , the sky is grey

My tour diaries are random scraps that may take awhile to edit into something semi coherent , if ever.

Myles took some pics though and we'll get those up soon enough. I don't really have much to say other than I'm tired , happy and sunburned. Our week in Israel was bizarre and scary and fun . Playing a kibbutz in the woods outside of Jerusalem is one for the memory box , probably the weirdest show any of us will ever play. Fun too , if we forget the hostile jocko-punks and concentrate on the legions of sexxy.

Look , I did an interview!

AIDS Wolf live , at Hebrew University in Jerusalem . Another WIERD show. We are playing in the noonday sun and it's about 40 celsius. The "crowd" is 10 meteres away , in the shade. It felt surprisingly good but combined with being a tourist in the old city , made me sleep at the venue all night during our "real" show. Sleeping before our set makes me feel out of it and dreamy but doesn't make me too many palz.

Performing "We Multiply" in Tel Aviv @ Levontin7. (we both lie and we multiply our fears)

We'll be taking a bit of a break from performing now , with no shows planned until the fall. Our Montreal show in July is OFF as Mutators and Night Wounds have canceled their tours and we were only playing to bro down with them. We'll be hitting the road again in October for a full US tour . Send inquiries to Michelle at Panache Booking.