Thursday, December 13, 2007

NO CORE and a dose

Here's the NO CORE podcast by our pal M.P Lockwood , aka Radio Shock , of some noisy rock. We're in there as are a bunch of our friends , a bunch of bands we love and some great bands we're hearing for the first time . Download it for pleasure .

He sez:
"Yeah, a long wait for this one. Maybe I can pick up the pace after the holidays. Anyway, we've got here some stuff I picked up in recent travels and listened to on recent travels. Largely "rock" music this time out?
MUZIKS FROM: Abiku, PRE, HEALTH, AIDS wolf, Taiwan Deth, Fat Day, Xrin Arms, Scissor Girls, (((microwaves))), Sword Heaven, The Druggies, Buck Gooter, Calabi-Yau, Diet Cola, Bermuda Triangles,
Silver Daggers, The New Flesh, and probably more stuff I'm forgetting right now. "

So that's that!++++++++
Video of tripped out madness , AIDS wolf in Austin , by our pal Joey :


And finally a lil' plug for the raddest DJ night in Montreal , Time's Up.
Our guest this week is Pete from Born Dead Icons and resident DJs will be Linda Blair , Blam Blamdersson and myself , Chloe Scum.

I'll be playing a pile of sweet vinyl I picked up on the road . Stuff by Metalux , Abe Vigoda , Double Dagger , Skoal Kodiak , Daniel Johnston , XBXRX , Chanels 3 + 4 , Shearing Pinx , Factums , Psychedelic Horseshit , Los Llamaradas , Amoeba Men ect ++
Plus classic Time's Up tracks by Swans , The Intelligence , Lydia Lunch , Chrome , Hawkwind , Beefheart , Cheveu , Get Hustle , TV Ghosts, Landed and Throbbing Gristle.

TIME'S UP @ Black Jack - 3814 Notre Dame Ouest (near Place-St-Henri metro) - 9pm - 3am - EVERY THURSDAY
No Cover. Cheap beer. WEIRD PUNK, DEEP PSYCH, NAO WAVE, AVANT-GARAGE, etc..etc...

Oldest news

Here's an interview I did withModern Fix magazine about 2 years ago. It's kinda out of date but Jeremiah's a good writer AND it just recently went online so i thought it might be of interest to a few people out there in blog-land.
I mean , that is if anyone actually reads this thing.

by Jeremiah Griffey

Montreal noise punk aficionados, partners and graphic designers Chloe Lum and Yannick Desrenleau head off to Columbus, Ohio with a few pals to check out the 2002 incarnation of the More Than Music Festival. They wander over to a house show featuring An Albatross. Fire crackers explode. Dust kicks up. People poke other people in the ass with drum sticks. It’s a party.

As the dust clears, Chloe gets caught up wrestling a friend on top of their van and loses her entourage. These same lost friends happen upon a few 40-something white trash dudes smoking crack or meth in front of some graffiti. It reads AIDS WOLF.

It’s now 2003. Chloe (vocals) and Yannick (drums) form a band called AIDS Wolf, in honor of said tag. The two take off once again for Columbus along with their Black Flag meets Merry Pranksters gang of hooligans for the 2003 More Than Music Festival they hadn’t heard was canceled. A friend of a friend owned a record store, so they set up an impromptu art exhibit comprised of posters the duo makes under the name Seripop so as not to make the journey a waste. Then they hang a poster of their first show.

“The owner of the store sees it and freaks,” Chloe says. “He apparently lived in the house where the party was - the AIDS Wolf house. He tells us about the rodent trapped in the walls they nicknamed ‘AIDS Wolf’ and about actual wolves spreading AIDS. We realized our band name is awesome and that we love the Midwest. Then we cause a 3-car pileup by dancing in the street with a sign reading ‘Honk if you’re horny.’ No one is hurt.”

Some people (who don’t know the story) find their name offensive. Some people (who don’t listen to any form of avant-punk) say their debut album, “The Lovvers LP,” makes them want to jump off a bridge. Other people (prudes, mostly) say their penchant for nudity is a shameless attempt at “shock.” One major publication even went so far as to call the band “shit in wolf’s clothing.” But that’s an obviously uninformed opinion because they tend not to wear clothes.

“When the negative reviews started coming in we weren’t surprised by the fact that people hated our record but by the fact that so many seemed to actually have a personal beef with our very existence,” Chloe says. “We got a lot of weird personal attacks. One review even went so far as to reprint and mock the Seripop bio from our website in order to try to invalidate our record.”

Maybe people are jealous of the fact Chloe and Yannick play in a band that shares a practice space with Wolf Parade (whose Arlen Thompson produced their record) and Islands, the Nick Diamonds and J’aime Tambeur post-Unicorns vehicle. Or that they’ve achieved this strange level of faux-hype as a result of their Montreal scene being raped and pillaged after the Arcade Fire blew up. Or maybe it’s because they all look hot nude.

“You know it’s pretty funny that so much press about our record (both positive and negative) has been focused on all the supposed ‘hype’ we garnered pre-release,” Chloe says. “That ‘hype’ was a few tiny side bar mentions in articles about Montreal (where we’d be one outta 50+ bands mentioned), a couple reviews here and there of our live shows in weeklies and student papers, one interview in a Boston weekly (we were playing Boston), one interview in a blog and one interview here in a Montreal weekly. Now we certainly can’t control the fact that the city we live in was deemed some type of ‘it’ spot by the media. As for everything else, I don’t feel that we got an inordinate amount of press for a band that had been gigging for 3 years and self-released a few things. The media likes to pretend a band only starts existing once an officially released debut comes out, but most bands without money usually spend a few years on the road before putting anything out. Getting a bit of coverage based on those shows isn’t really that unusual. What seems unusual to me is the way everyone with an interest in our band seems hell bent on blowing that coverage out of proportion.”

Chloe and Yannick have gotten guff for all their projects, including the now defunct Da Bloody Gashes with Bobo Boutin from Les Georges Leningrad, and have grown rather thick skin as a result. Even their work as Seripop gets maligned in the design world, despite having developed some amazing album work for bands like the Arcade Fire, Rocket from the Crypt, Glitter Pals and An Albatross. Maybe, once again, it’s jealously.

“The band was a fun side project but nowadays it’s kinda creeping over more and more where we’ll find half the designs we do are AIDS Wolf related, the tours intermingle and the two are viewed as the same thing by many outsiders,” Chloe says. “That’s frustrating as there are two other members of AIDS Wolf, Chris (Taylor, guitar) who is a talented illustrator in his own right and Andre (Guerette, guitar) who works his ass off booking shows and tours under the moniker Mandatory Moustache. For a couple of reformed Catholics, we have an extreme protest work ethic where in our design and in our artwork and in the music we do, we’ve been jamming a square peg into a round hole until the hole became square too. We are very stubborn people who have used the negative reactions we’ve gotten over the years as fuel. We take a lot pride on living on our own terms and building a livelihood based on creativity, supporting our friends (as well as those we admire and respect) and trying to live as much as possible in the world of DIY.”

Though AIDS Wolf is most often compared to Rhode Island post-punk gods Arab on Radar, Chloe and company find much inspiration from Captain Beefheart and U.S. Maple. She’s quick to rail off a laundry list of contemporary bands she loves too, from Get Hustle to Devendra Banhart to Deerhoof.

“We are living in a time of unprecedented good music. Not only do we have access to everything from the past via re-issues and mp3s but it seems like every city has its own pocket of weird, far underground sounds actually making stuff happen. A few years ago, I was feeling really jaded. I thought that I was resigned to listening to bands long broken up,” Chloe says. “But right now my band has tapped into a network that keeps getting larger and larger of like-minded bands, each having their own interpretation of “noise-rock” or arty punk or whatever. A cool part of it is that we play shows with brilliant bands who are still in high school, as well as playing with bands in their 40’s or older.”

“The Lovvers LP” does have some Arab on Radar-ish moments, particularly the opening guitar churns of “Spit Tastes Like Metal.” Chloe’s desperate screeches intermittently emerge before she’s swallowed by a whirlpool of gnashing guitars. For a vocal reference point, some amalgamation of Afrirampo’s Pikacyu and Oni (energy level) and Magik Marker’s Elisa Ambrogio (production level) might suffice. Tracks like “Vampire King” separate AIDS Wolf from their art-punk ancestors by infusing muddy circus punk with tornados of billowing noise. As “Lovvers” progresses more and more songs - and eventually Chloe - get swallowed.

“We aren’t dumb and we know our band isn’t for everyone,” she says. “We also know that in our genre, there are bands that are better than us. There are also noise-rock bands worse than us who get favorable or neutral reviews … Are we shit? Maybe we are. Then again, most of the bands we like are considered shit by the same people. And most of the bands we like seem to like our band back. I’ve always been more inclined to care about the respect of peers than admiration from the media. We never set out to create anything that was gonna be easy to digest.”

The album was actually supposed to be a limited edition vinyl release of 300 on a friend’s label and assumed their friends and die-hard fans would be the only ones to hear the album or see the nekked people on the album art - including difficult-to-find magazine shots of people at a nudist colony and Chloe and company free-balling it in the woods. Everything was done when Lovepump United (CD) and Skin Graft (vinyl) asked to put out the record. Soon they’ll be releasing a vinyl split with San Diego’s Dmonstrations on Lovepump, but don’t look for much of a departure - all of the AIDS Wolf contributions were recorded during the “Lovvers” sessions.

“There were a few delays caused by lost masters and art collaborations being slow but it’s finally on track and will be out early this summer,” Chloe says. “The Demonstrations tracks are nothing short of haunting and we all feel really lucky to be working with them.”


After spending some very QUALITY time with 2/3rds of Dmonstrations on this past tour , we feel even luckier . Mr. Wade , you make one hell of a roadie.

aids wolf

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Filth and Size

Everyone is talking about the Camel cigarettes/Rolling Stone magazine "indie rock" cigarette ad fiasco. We were confused by our inclusion the "indie rock galaxy" 'cause , not only do none of us smoke cigarettes , 2 of us are fuckin' STRAIGHT EDGE.

It goes without saying that this was done without our consent or cooperation in anyway and we no have idea where they got the MP3 they put up under our name on The Farm website. It's funny cause they actually used an Athletic Automaton track from our split album with them.

I'm guessing the company who put this bullshit together just pulled the track from limewire or some shit and no one was savvy enough to figure out they had the wrong band.

I'm hoping if our name and music is ever used in an adversing campaign again , maybe we can at least get the cold hard ca$h and satisfaction that comes from selling out on our own accord.

Here's another recent feature on AIDS wolf , this time for Chalked Up magazine .

Photos from our Austin show by Matt B.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And one from the Dallas show.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Austin was WEIRD for us , it was one of those Dutch-style crowds. You know , they don't move around much and no one talks to you all night? You can just feel the waves of indifference permeating the room. After our set I was so bummed and alienated that I ran to hide in the dressing room. It was so obvious everyone in the room hated us EXCEPT for the fact that after I came back downstairs our merch table was buzzing harder than it had been all tour and all of the sudden i"m making new friends left , right and center.

We ended up befriending & staying with this kid Joey , the coolest noise rock-hippie I've ever met.

So I must ask of Austin , is it normal for you to all stand immobile , so far away from the stage?

In Dallas we played an art gallery rather than a club and it felt MUCH more normal.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

and we decide to fall

So everyone already knows we got back from tour a week ago and that I broke my foot falling down some stairs in Chicago. It all resulted in an instrumental set that night while I was in the ER , much to the confusion of the crowd. We skipped Detroit to drive straight home in really shitty weather where 30 hours after we left Chicago I went to the Montreal General where the nurse and radiologist INSISTED on x-raying my chest (WTF?). I had to pitch a fit so that they'd just x-ray my foot and be done with it. Gotta love Quebec hospitals . The one in Chicago was sooo much more clean and efficient.

Being back from tour is always rough , you never really know what to do with yourself and coping with the readjustment is usually kinda depressing. You no longer have the constant adrenaline of performing or the novelty of being around different people each day. Being back from tour while being stuck at home with a broken bone is the worst. outdoors is nothing but snow and ice and the 10 minute walk to the metro feels like a death march on crutches.

Despite that , I'm practically bouncing off the walls (and not just from the Vicodin) because our song Opposing Walls is being used in the new Bruce LaBruce film ,Otto: Or, Up With Dead People . If you aren't familiar with Bruce's work I really urge you to check out his site. He's BY FAR the most subversive filmmaker in Canada and melds black comedy with exploitation with explicit gay sex.

I first saw No Skin Off My Ass when i was a pretentious teen living in Ottawa and trying to be a performance artist. His work really inspired me and my whole troupe to get MUCH , MUCH more extreme (nudity , chainsaws , smashing things , smashing each other). He also had a column in Exclaim! magazine for a long time that was basically just his diary of sex , drugs , art , being flown around the world and hanging out with celebs and porn stars. It was some of the most exciting shit I ever read and I remember being in my early 20's , wishing to some day have a life as cool as BLaB.

Well , Exclaim! axed him in favor of more milquetoast can-con indie slop (cause reading about Emily Haines is soooo much more interesting - yeah fuckin' right! I swear most Canadians are allergic to excitement.) . Bruce's life is still probably 20000x more exciting than mine but having one of our tracks in a GAY ZOMBIE PORNO is EASILY one of the best things that's ever happened to AIDS wolf. Or to me for that matter.


Photos of our 2 Brooklyn shows by Todd Fisher . We saw the set he did of our show at Death By Audio and loved em so much we begged him to spend more time with us on Halloween. We're pretty pleased with the end result.

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Speaking of zombies..

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Silen Barn show :

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Myles' uniform was missing so we made him play in his underwear.. Latter it was Found in germaine's (From Old Time Relijun) drum kit. Hmmmmmmmm

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This kid Matt just took off his mask and leaned in and kissed me in the middle of a song.

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A studio shot in the basement before the show.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Punk on the wrong speed with blown speakers

AIDS wolf in Dallas , playing.

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Some lovely photos of our LA set taken by Adrian Saenz.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Photo of myself with Eben and Tobias of Be Bad , one the the best bands in Canada right now. Too bad they live in Halifax , a billion miles away from civilization 'cause otherwise I'd go see them weekly. Pic by Bridgette Sullivan

Tobias' impressions of our Halifax set:

"I saw them last night. Bring ear plugs or those construction site quality ear muffs. The toilet paper I stuck in my ears wasn't enough. They are the scariest punk band going right now. I know their new press release says "Remember when punk was weird?" but it's more like "remember when punk scared the shit out of the hipsters? and polarized the entire room. And pissed off the sound guy." The records might have good riffs/licks/beats/vocals but the live show is so pulverizing it becomes perverted.

They are louder than Motorhead or Slayer or Dinosaur Jr. And they take the concept of being a loud band as far as they can as human beings. Seeing them feels like getting the shit beaten out of you. And if you're the right kind of person you'll love that.

They don't sound like Arab on Radar like most reviews say, they sound like the mother fucking Boredoms in 1988. They are a bunch of weird looking kids with sections of their head shaved like lobotomy patients pounding everything, and endlessly touring the planet. They are on a really fucked up mission, and they are totally the real deal."

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cleaning house

2 clips of our triumphant Vancouver show , November 24th . This show was especially awesome cause this rad dude , Christopher , gave Myles and I haircuts. We both look so stylish now.

The Blog Hate Something Beautiful gave us a nice review and posted a few pics of us and HEALTH's LA show at The Smell.

interview for a Danish 'zine :

Who are you guys and how did you end up as a band?
We all met while receiving group counseling for mental troubles. We quit the counseling and our troubles remained. Now playing together is our therapy.

What's up with the name? Who came up with it and what does it mean?
Our leader wrote it on the side of a building in Ohio, we are just following orders from beyond.

Can you try and describe your music? Which instruments do you use and what kind of sound do you seek?
We try to sound like a marauding horde of barbarians. We're high pitched, abraisive and annoying. Punk on the wrong speed with blown speakers. We have 2 guitars, drums and yelling.

Any musicians who in particular inspire you? Are you inspired by other things than music?
Captain Beefheart, Ceatano Veloso, Black Flag, Flipper, Throbbing Gristle, US Maple, Chrome, This Heat, Saccharine Trust, Sun City girls, Billy Childish, The Country Teasers, Sightings, Usaisamonster, PRE.
We are also inspired by nature, physical fitness, healthy food and each other.

How much have you released so far?
1 cassette, 1 cdr, 3 split 7"s, one lp , one split 12", one collaboration lp. Another lp is on the way in the spring on Skingraft / Lovepump united.

Do you play many gigs around Montreal? Have you played in other countries?
We play every couple of months in Montreal and have played all over Canada, USA, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, and UK.

What are your concerts like?
Usually rowdy, physical, sweaty and earbreaking. A total bummer.

Are there any other musical projects linked to the band?
Brother Hong Kong, Clyffs, CMY Disease!, Hamborghinni, Les Enfants Sauvages are all bands members of AIDS Wolf are involved in.

Back , in one piece

AIDS wolf in Oakland , Ca November 18

A lil' feature on us

Genesis P-Orridge on Wolves:
It keeps changing and growing , and we keep finding out more and more about wolves . Initially , on the most simple level , we thought of them as being an outcast group. Illogically , most people don't know why they've been told wolves are bad or why to be frightened of them. They are loners but can also be in packs , and when threatened , turn and fight . They're basically animals off survival , and they're the ones , ironically , which were claimed to set up civilisation with Romulus and Remus. And in Viking legend , at the very end of history , the wolf devours the Earth.

- from
Tape Delay : Confessions from the Eighties Underground by Charles Neal