Sunday, December 9, 2007

Back , in one piece

AIDS wolf in Oakland , Ca November 18

A lil' feature on us

Genesis P-Orridge on Wolves:
It keeps changing and growing , and we keep finding out more and more about wolves . Initially , on the most simple level , we thought of them as being an outcast group. Illogically , most people don't know why they've been told wolves are bad or why to be frightened of them. They are loners but can also be in packs , and when threatened , turn and fight . They're basically animals off survival , and they're the ones , ironically , which were claimed to set up civilisation with Romulus and Remus. And in Viking legend , at the very end of history , the wolf devours the Earth.

- from
Tape Delay : Confessions from the Eighties Underground by Charles Neal

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