Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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Touring with the Shearing Pinx was amazing. I find always awe inducing seeing bands that are able to navigate through their corpus of songs and take the whole show thing very casually--- seems almost like the most relaxing time of their live happens on stage. Although that did not stop them from playing extremely dynamic stuff. The interaction between the two guitar players, Erin and Nick, is unique. While Erin jumps and bumps around, creates sounds from these crispy passages to these non-sensical atonal riffs, Nick often holds ground with his growling low-end ---- and then they completely destroy that and do the most surprising compositions, or bring in brutally effective ideas. During all that Jeremy drums are super steady (he never fails!). It feels like he floats over the skins while playing, watching him is quite a learning experience.

Anyway Hamborghinni is playing tonight with Jeremy's side project Totally Ripped at the Frienship cove, in Montreal. I'm pretty excited to see these guys since their very good 12" split with To Live and Shave in L.A. on Isolated Now Waves has been a repeat player on our turntable since our come back from tour. Also from Vancouver will be at the show the Sex Negatives, which is pure sound nihilism--- one can understand knowing that Justin, previously in Mutators, is involved at the drums.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pas Rapport

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This was our limited edition (80 pieces) 14 minutes Spring tour tape. Sorry if we sold out by the time we reached Regina. It's a bunch of instant compositions, in one stream on both sides, unedited (you can even ear some magical quirks within the 'silence' in between the tracks). Although we overdubbed an extra track of vocals on side B. Sounds pretty crusty. Our first official release with Alex in the band! Recorded at the 100-sided Die, February 2009.

The edition tapes were a bit too short, so each side misses about 3 or four seconds off the original master recording... whatever, does the job.

Here's the track listing:

A) Police de la quéquette
P'tit débile
Elle est si cochonne

B) Débande
Hot dog élégant
Polie la poilue
Flaque de vomi/restitu

Download it here: AIDS Wolf Pas Rapport

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For the full artwork, go see this link, and scroll to the bottom.