Monday, October 3, 2011

Ma vie banale avant-garde

Ma vie banale avant-garde is our 4th album and our first one as a trio. It includes 24 tracks, and is released digitally and as a Double LP vinyl 12".
Please note that capitalisation on titles is either following the french rule, or is purely intentional.

Out now for pre-order on Lovepump United Records.

Out in stores on October 4 2011.

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Heaps of Sour Earth
No Females on Board
Despair Ritual
Cinq à sept
Wings of Inertia
Nothing But a Tape Recorder

Like PSHTS of Aerosol
Volunteer Decoys
Le cercle des ratés
I've had such an acrid taste in my throat
What's an aphid?
London's not like back home

Child of Wind, Creature of Dust
Why bother?
Pop a Candy Drop
Subconscious Snacks on Ha Ha
Self-defence Is Moral Dentistry
Breeding Grounds Are Burial Mounds

Chippers Takes a Sip
Please hold the line
The wise have no use for wisdom anymore
Born Dead
An Honest Miracle/Mistake
Snuffed Out Dreams

Yannick Desranleau - Drums
Chloe Lum - Vocals, electronics
Alexander Moskos - Guitar, electronics

Produced by AIDS Wolf.
Recorded at Dub Narcotic, Olympia, Washington, October 2010.
Engineered by Bob Schwenkler.
Mixed by Bob Schwenkler and Yannick Desranleau.
Mastered by Weasel Walter.

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