Thursday, July 19, 2007

noise hair and noise glasses

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Photos , mostly of me, from our Sherbrooke show by Manuel.

The show itself was fun and strange , the venue fancy. With the other band , Half Baked , being an electro party rock duo and our blurb overstating past connections with DFA79 and Les Georges Leningrad anyone who hadn't taken the time to listen to us in advance could have guessed with be a fun , catchy , high energy dance-punk band. You know trashy party tunes. Well the 50-odd guests figured out soon enough that AIDS Wolf's only role at the party is the bring the bad vibes. Halfway through our set only 10-15 people remained watching us , many with bizarre grimaces on their faces. After our set I signed autographs for 3 . (having people ask me to sign shit makes me feel soooo uncomfortable but I feel like they'd think i was a jerk if i said no. So I do it and feel like a tool.)

2 days latter people were still shellshocked from the loudness and general bummer vibes according to my pal Antonin from We Are Wolves Who played the festival on Saturday. I feel that leaving an impression is a triumph , even if everyone or almost everyone hated us.

Maybe when we return people will have built up antibodies and spread the virus a bit?

The thing i keep thinking of is that in the 50 months we've been actively playing shows , last Thursday was our FIRST show in our home province outside of Montreal. Past inquiries have always been met with indifference or warnings that there was no scene for the type of music we play in town x so it's a quiet victory to be FINALLY playing here.
I certainly never expected that we'd play in Croatia before being invited to play Quebec City.

Well , stuff is changing in Quebec if the guys Le Telephone Rouge AND Bal du Lezard (we'll be there in October with Old Time Relijun) in Quebec City have anything to do with it.

Kisses to everyone trying to make a music scene , especially one that embraces prickly music , in their home towns.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

rejected unkown

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Tonight we'e playing in Sherbrooke , QC at le telephone rouge. We're never played Sherbrooke before and don't know anyone there .
It's an unknown landscape , we have no idea if anyone knows who we are in Sherbrooke or if anyone will show up.

AIDS wolf
Half Baked
part of the
OFF festival du lac
38 Well. Sud, Sherbrooke, Quebec
Aids Wolf
(Expérimental / Rock / Punk)

Les loups sidatiques sont des noise-rockers nomades et sauvages. Le quatuor montréalais a perfectionné l’art de la dissonance de guitares portées sur des rythmes taillés au couteau, le tout ornementé du délire vocal de la chanteuse Chloé. Avec un son comparable à une version hardcore de Sonic Youth, Aids Wolf a tourné avec pratiquement tout le monde, incluant Les Georges Leningrad et Death From Above 1979. Leur premier album The Lovvers Lp paru en 2006 sur l’étiquette new-yorkaise Lovepump United fut suivi de leur première tournée mondiale et nominé au dernier gala Gamiq dans la catégorie Meilleur Album Inclassable. En primeur au OFF, un des groupes les plus originaux et extrêmes de la province nous fait l’honneur de sa première visite en sol sherbrookois. Un spectacle dynamique et chaotique qui va mettre le feu à l'enfer comme dirait l'autre (couchez les enfants, il va y avoir de la sueur.

The blurb about us mentions we toured with Les Georges and DFA79 . WE played 2 shows with Les Georges in 2004 and i think a grand total of 3-4 shows with DFA79 spread out in 2003/04.

I think in Canada people will always try to hype us by our "tours" and association with those bands (and any vauge association with ANY remotely popular band) rather than anything we've actually done. I guess the band we ACTUALLY tour with and do collabs with aren't hip enough or something . Oh and we're best pals with Animal Collective cause we were the local opener of their Montreal show in 2004. Don't forget THAT on the AIDS wolf list of achievements. I'm just waiting for a text msg from Panda Bear so we can do a drawing jam with our Crayola crayons .

Anyways , wish us luck . We're ridding a coattail to heaven tonight.


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