Thursday, January 29, 2009


i just made a myspace account and uploaded a song from the recording C.Y.M. did in july of 2007....this and 3 more songs will be a 12" ep in a few months.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AIDS WOLF Spring '09 Tour : What We've Got So Far

Us doing "Cities of Glass" last Saturday in Montreal and then fucking around cause Yannick broke his bass drum pedal. They never last him much longer than a year , nevermind his ability to chew through cymbals. And sticks, I think we spend 50$ a week on sticks!

The show was a blast , both Red Mass and Fucked Up ( Fucked Up are probably one of the catchiest bands around , they have more hooks than a fisherman) played killer sets , and were held our own too. Sold out Sala's a lil' nerve wracking cause with all the bodies you can't ever locate your friends/bandmates.

At one point Damien jumped on and destroyed his own merch table , kinda scary as I was sitting inches away and didn't want a 300llb man or broken table chunks on my head.

Mclean spent a few days here and our band wrote 3 new songs! We have a 12" coming out soon and at least 2 7"s worth of material to be mixed.

Here's how the tour's looking so far , hopefully I'll have updates on the line-ups soon. # = first visit to that city.
I'm sooooooooooooooo excited to finally see Death Sentence : PANDA! !!!!!!! I can't believe we're playing with them!

06 March MONTREAL w/ U.S Girls + Grand Trine @ Il Motore
07 March TORONTO w/ U.S Girls , THRASHED GENES @ Sneaky Dee’s
08 March BUFFALO W/ U.S Girls @ SOUNDLAB
10 March ALLSTON W/ U.S Girls @ Gay Gardens
11 March BROOKLYN w/ SIGHTINGS, U.S Girls , FIASCO @ Death By Audio
12 March ANNANDALE ON HUDSON w/ U.S Girls @ Bard College
13 March CLEVELAND w/ U.S Girls @ Now That’s Class #
12 March TBA
14 March CHICAGO W/ U.S Girls , CACAW @ Co-Prosperity Sphere
15 March IOWA CITY w/ U.S Girls @ Public Space One #
16 March TBA
17 March HOT SPRINGS W/ U.S Girls , FIASCO ,MONOTONIX @ Valley of the Vapours Festival
18 March DAY OFF!
19 March AUSTIN @ SXSW
20 March AUSTIN @ SXSW
21 March @ AUSTIN SXSW
22 March HOUSTON w/ TYVEK, FIASCO , PAST LIVES @ Numbers #
23 March ODESSA w/ PAST LIVES @ The Roadhouse #
24 March SANTA FE w/ PAST LIVES @ Warehouse 21 #
25 March TUCSON @ Club Congress (WXWU Festival) #
26 March LONG BEACH @ Alex’s Bar #
27 March SAN DIEGO @ Che Cafe
28 March LA w/ BIPOLAR BEAR @ The Smell
31 March OAKLAND @ House of Nostromos
01 April DAY OFF
02 April PORTLAND @ The Artistry
03 April SEATTLE @ The Josephine
04 April VANCOUVER w/ SHEARING PINX @ Biltmore Cabaret (18+)
07 April REGINA w/ SHEARING PINX @ The Exchange
08 April WINNIPEG w/ SHEARING PINX @ The Royal Albert (18+)
10 April TBA
11 April LANSING w/ DEAD MACHINES @ Mac’s Bar #
12 April TBA

100th blog awesome!

the pix from our little adventure playing shows last week will be up in a day or two....had to relearn basic html for pix (i suck) and then i went to montreal for the weekend and was too busy having fun to waste my time on the internet.

here's the hi-lites from this weekend.....

-seeing aids wolf and fucked up at casa (scary hxc dudes loved AW, whoa)

-watching aids wolf give a women's car battery a boost (what swell guys)

-hearing so much awesome new music with chloe and yannick (a.h. krakin=the shit)

-writing 3 new songs for my untitled band with chloe and yannick

-making and eating amazing vegan food back at the house

-learning the truth about "bad-ass" from alex

-chloe getting my band, thrashed genes, on the AW toronto show (thx chloe!)

-creating "THEE OUTERNET" with chloe (shit's gonna rule)

...and much more cool stuff. like i said before, i will post the pix i mentioned before soon, as well as hot new ones from this weekend. i also dug thru my laptop with chloe and yannick and found some older gems, such as pix from when i was in montreal with chloe and yannick in july 2007 making our first EP together (finally coming out soonish), pix and video's from the last canadian show with "muscle-man" on guitar, old aids wolf practice videos, etc.

judging by all this rambling, i think it's time to take a nap. fuck greyhound buses!!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Montreal's ALL

Support your local scene.

I know right away what you're gonna say , "But Chloe , my local scene sux." I understand and trust me , have been there all I can say is that right now it's a great time to move to Montreal.

Shit's happening in this icy 'burg and things are pretty exciting. We've got a huge amount of excellent venues , promoters busting their asses to get great touring bands to town on a daily basis and a few locals that make my heart explode with pride.

Here's my list of ESSENTIAL Montreal bands , so that you can fit in when you move here.


Black Feelings
Psych-goth? It's dark , trippy and catchy. Ex-members of Les Angles Morts + Who's The Ghost? who aren't afraid to play in the rain.

Dead Wife
Bratty lowest-fi girl-punk. Ultra trashy and funner than a black eye.

Musical mud-ghosts haunting you while you walk through quicksand.

Grand Trine
Un-Greatful , Un-Dead . Ex-Be Bad.

Monday Morning Erection
Playful abstractions , turntables + whirlygigs + lockjaw grooves.

Panopticon Eyelids
Hawkwind in a wind tunnel .

Red Mass
Choyce from CPC Gangbangs , Sexareenos ect leading this insane noise-garage-gospel collective through dark rites.

Jefferson Hovercraft , meet H.P Lustcraft.

Everyone wants to fuck the guitarist-ist-ist-ist-ist-ist-ist , reverb motherfuckers.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
In other news , Skin Graft are having a massive sale.

Grab stuff from us , PRE , Made In Mexico , Ruins , Lake of Dracula ect for cheaper than usual.


Some of our tour dates are now posted -- , more to come. Anyone know the score in Iowa?



Got a slightly perplexing review in Now

Shows that rocked Toronto last week
Thu, Jan 8

critic's pick AIDS WOLF at the Boat Rating: NNNN

In the post-Avril Lavigne era, it’s hard to imagine punk rock evoking any trace of the transgressive and revolutionary ideas that once fuelled the movement. This sanitization of the genre is what makes the barely listenable, eardrum-grating cacophony of bands like Montreal’s AIDS Wolf important and worthy of the masochism needed to appreciate them.

Philly noise terrorists Satanized set up the headliners well with a barrage of angular discordant rock, often sounding like a thrash metal band playing free jazz. The club was already full, and the sloppy mosh pit was eager to bounce around to their chugging skronk rock.

AIDS Wolf also tread some weird middle ground between experimental improv and punk rock, but sound even less connected to anything musical. It’s like they took everything that normally makes a song pleasant to the ear and deliberately did the opposite. Repetition and rhythm are the only elements you can recognize as music.

On paper this sounds awful, and it’s even worse in person at deafening levels (which is kind of the point, I suppose). But there’s something inexplicably hypnotic and engrossing about this train wreck of a band.

They may look like wimpy art school kids, but their noise could have squeegee-wielding gutter punks covering their ears and running for the exits, terrify the most hardcore metal heads and make Green Day sound as threatening as Tom Jones. This is exactly what a modern punk rock band should be doing. 

---Benjamin Boles

And here's an older on from our show in Danbury last fall that was just sent to me:: Women who run with wolves.


"Noise cannot be imagined as a synonym for dissonance , even if the judgement of noise by the then-surprised publics is imposed on modernist dissonance.. Dissonance works through it's rethinking of consonance , and composers using it tended to think of their work as reinvigorating the western tradition of music."
-Paul Hegarty:: Noise/Music: A History

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2 Days!

Till Mclean gets to Mtl for massive jams (anyone wanna put out a 7" of our band? , we don't have a name but we have tons of songs recorded + ready to go!) , 3 days till our show @ Sala.

title or description

Poster by Lisa Czech

Saturday Jan 17th @ Sala Rosa

Fucked Up



12$ adv or 15$ at the door . Buy tix here


Here's the entire set for our Toronto show last weekend. Rowdy.


I JUST SAW THIS list of bands playing SXSW '09 , and REALLY wanna see Factums and Naked on the Vague . Not sure how I'll manage that with us playing 7-8 shows in the 3 days we're in Austin but .......

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Approaching Ashton (re: NO CHOPS!)

Just a quick note about the passing of Ron Asheton. There is no denying this man’s influences on everyone, including the Wolf. The first song the young Myles Broscoe, aged 9, learned on his guitar was I Wanna Be Your Dog. Upon Arrival in the Greek town of Sarigakis, family vacay ’95, my cousin Stavros, a real card, pulled his Baz off the wall and fired up an uproariously feral version of TV Eye. Whether because there was a north american audience present or the copious amounts of ouzo and greek coffee running through his veins, he doubled, maybe quadrupled the length of the solo, turning the whole thing fully bonks, screaming in Greek, likely not the real lyrics.
They say everyone owns a fuzz and wah because of Asheton, which is likely not true. Jimi Hendrix used the fuzz and the wah to create an electric, multi-hued abstraction of the blues...which has of course come to be the dominant and played-out form and praxis of popular music. But at the time the gesture was huge.
Asheton, not long after and using the same raw materials, reduced everything to a purr. Did he even know what he was doing? Surely not. But there you go, he was the funkiest, the heaviest, and the sparsest. And the music, at times more violent than contemporaries like the Velvets or the MC5, was so amazingly streamlined. Real autoplant shit.
Of course, Asheton, dies the sad fate into an emptiness. His band is still not in the Hall of Fame, erasing any illusions about the venerability of that hacky sack institution. His final years, sadly, found him playing in a Stooges cover band, with the former bass player from Firehose, their equipment heisted from under their noses.
Whatever, in the cruel and thankless profession that is rock and roll, 60 is ancient. I’m sure when Death passed his little cart passed Eddie Hazel’s house, perhaps Ashton’s truest contemporary, nobody cared.
But, please, let us now put Asheton and his playing behind us. This long trend line, crawling out of the 20th century into our own, should be put to rest. The current bumper crop of underground bands are still stuck in Ashton’s style, if only because it remains the sexiest one to cop. Many of these bands I like, but now, more than ever, would be a good time, for some serious radical re-approaches. Which is what Asheton did, in the first place. His playing was Radical in the purest sense, modified “from the roots”.
There is always Brian Sullivan from Mouthus or the ladies in Mayor Daley both with different variations on the Insanely Non-approach Approach. Although I’m sure they’d disagree fervently , I’d argue there is no Ashton there. Or if there is, its in trace amounts, at the edges and perhaps simply guiding by way of no approach.

Something OLD

No , not us silly.

We've been doing Chinese Roulette as an encore. Here we are in Ottawa.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Community Service...DONE!!!

so i recently completed my community service sentance by spending about 36 hours with aids wolf last week. i also took some pictures that really get into the "AxWx BRAINSTATE" of how they live when they are not on stage, such as eating C grade chinese food while watching CNN in london, on.....those and many others will be up in a day or two. ---mclean

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jus' Like Them Olde Dayssssss....

Micro tour of So.Ontario with Mclean on board , brings my mind backkk , way back. To Misassuaga house shows w/ Athletic Automaton and woodland chillin' w/ Uasisamonster.

However , them Funtario times are best enjoyed in summer or fall , to get the crazy legs a bit of action. January touring in Canada is precarious , snow , ice , slush all conspire against your life or at very least comfort , nevermind sound checks.

Thus we arrived late for our house show in Waterloo. Soggy , hungy (thanks to Foot Village this is now a constant in our lexicon , second only to imitating Lou Reed). Bleh bleh. We have no idea who lives at the house but quickly get comfy eating our shitty take out(touring in Canada would be 1000 x better if there were something equal to wholefoods with a hot buffet of healthy food for takeout) and chilling with Uncle Mark and the boys of DD/MM/YYYY. Rustle up some tea in the kitchen with help from the friendly hippie and start feeling "normal" again. Go down to watch the 2nd band but crowdedness = panik attack so head back upstairs . Watch DD/MM/YYYY perched on top of the washing machine , behind the band where no one can get me and the air won't run out.
They are excellent that night , the newer songs are esp. hectic and I'm feelin' PSYCHED.

We get out there , the basement is crowed but kids are kinda uptight . A few are even sitting on the the floor ( are we being mistaken for a postrock band just 'cause we're from Montreal?) , thankfully Tomas is there to bring the rowdy and after a song or 2 a few dudes join in but mostly the kids look paralysed . Mclean latter suggests they were scared. I hope so cause that's better than bored. Of course it wouldn't be an AIDS Wolf tour without a technical meltdown and Alex's Traynor (that we JUST got repaired days before) died in the first song so our sound = off.

Shit ends early and we don't know ANYONE in town , DD/MM/YYYY split for Toronto and capt. Hippie Poncho gets freaky in the living room with his crew. Uncle Mark , being a smart cookie , has brought a pile of DVDS and puts on The Jesus Lizard one so we can all chillax . Within minutes the room is cleared. It feels slightly awkward that no one wants to hang and slightly strange that we're the only Jesus Lizard fans in the house but whatcha gonna do?

Kids today! They just don't get that this is one of the best bands of the past 40 years and that David Yow is not only the best front man but is also the sexiest person alive.

But I digress . Eventually our party of 5 unrolled the sleeping bags and lay in the dark for a while until quiet came and brought sleep.

The next day we drove around desperately looking for food (the one vegan spot in town turned out to be a store , not restaurant) and waiting for the amp to be fixed. Nothing too exciting. Everyone is broke so no crate digging.

It snowed all the way to London , Kinda scary cause the new van desperately needs new tires and , again mapquest failed us.
WEe arrived an hour late but neither the promoter nor the soundman were there. And once the soundman got there we were told by the irate waitress that we couldn't soundcheck 'cause folks were eating downstairs. Thank goodness for the 5 pm load in!

I give a call to Evan to meet the Satanized boys for dinner but he tells me that cause of the weather , they are a good 5 hours away. They end up arriving around midnight , about 15 minutes after we get off the stage , and I think I must have called him a half dozen times.
Our set went well , there wasn't a ton of people but those there were ROWDY. And really , what more could ya want want. Lots of posi comments from the kids , Mclean latter said "You guys are a big band to them" flattering for sure , but rather absurd.

London pics

The Traynor DID however survive and once the Philly crew arrived we were treated to 2 most excellent sets , too bad most of the locals had split.
Right now I'd say that SATANIZED are one of my favorite bands and probably one of the best tour discoveries. They make technical , aggressive music that is sexy , catchy and fun. And very dark but with a sense of humor . I can't wait to hear their new record , that Andrew tells me is a concept album about anal sex.

BEST CONCEPT EVER. How can anyone not love this band?

Had some brief but sweet hangs with and men and after pushing the van out of the parking lot , did the late night drive to Toronto. Got to Mclean's around 4 , slept till well past noon and spent most of the day shopping for for and cooking that night's feast.

The feast (balsamic veggies + tofu over rotini with pesto + a hearty salad) was just the start to a near perfect night.
All the bands were great and from DIGUISES (one of the better bands coming out of the very fertile Toronto scene) on , there was the MOSH. So much mosh in fact , that I got a lil' scared. Mclean , as usual was a kick ass bouncer , keeping the rough at bay. I was glad kids went so wild over Satanized , seeing as it's their first Toronto show.

I love seeing quality recognized.

The night was fun , mostly. But right before our set some ugly jerk-assed douche got in my face. Dunno if he was just trying to bait me or was just your typical drunken aging hipster who doesn't do anything creative but thinks for some reason his opinion matters , either way it would have been a waste of energy to clean his clock. I need that adrenaline on stage , not off. It didn't really matter 'cause everyone who counted was hyped.

I gotta say , I love playing Toronto. It's a city filled with rad bands and the crowds are always good looking + ready for action. Never boring or apathetic .

Toronto picccccsss
AIDS Wolf's first feature in a Toronto weekly

Back to bed after watching the Can DVD and admiring Damo's package in red velvet .

Got up , ate , left for Ottawa. I'm feeling sicker by the minute. Most of the night's a blur for me , of feverish delirium and chugging hot tea. I had heard great things about the second band but the face pain made hearing difficult. The swollen glands made standing near impossible. I only noticed that the front man , shirtless , was kinda hot , although static. Of course it turns out that he's 19 and dating my friend. He could use a copy of that Jesus Lizard DVD.

We played , I had no energy or range . The men however , were on fire .
Fuck it , drove home listening to Kraftwerk and Wolf Eyes all the way home. BED.

Saw a few blasts from the past but in general I felt too shitty to really hang. I always feel weird playing the home town , it's like consorting with ghosts.

Pierre's photos

____________________\\Upcoming Show:::
Saturday Jan 17th
@ Sala

Fucked Up + RED MASS

12$ adv or 15$ at the door , Advance tix STRONGLY recommended.
We're on 2nd.

facebook event
Buy tix online

Anyone out there wanna videotape us?

Dates for March/April USA/CANADA fuckfest soon, kiddos.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Week Of Wishes

We've been back from the fall tour only a month and I barely remember what happened. I mean , I remember our collision in Philly , wet hair at the basement show and cooking a giant brunch with Megan . I remember getting the door welded shut in Baltimore and eating sauerkraut an Tarantula Hill . I remember being pulled over by the cops for no reason in Alabama , having to play our cd for them on the side of the highway while the drug dogs did their thing. Hiking in Chattanooga and crunching bits of fall under our shoes. I remember sticking my hand in the hot spring in ak and it being bright pink several days latter and I remember staying up till the morning in Oakland chatting with WW and doing in again then night night with 1/2 of A.H Kraken. I remember a billion and one burritos and new friends and crushes. Being a zombie in Portland and stopping at the co-op on the way. Laughing hysterically about Lou Reed and Arrington's imitations and stuffing myself with Erin's cookies in Vancouver. Singing with Gay Beast in MNPLS and having Isaack jam with us. Feasts with Anna and Pat in Chicago and candy all night , records all day in Toledo

But those thing don't make for stories do they?
Series of mundane but generally sweet events , with friends , strangers and those in between. Everything gets covered in a patina of excitement cause hangout times are short and rare and every once of "fun" gets crammed in. You feel so close to people you hardly know by playing together and sleeping on each others floors , that "knowing" becomes overrated and dull.
I like my music friends because they are brilliant and sexy but also a mystery and novelty.

We played with soooooooooo many good bands. Almost every night was an inspiration.

It's weird because I have some old friends I'm still touch with , from back in the day. They are all more or less the same age as me. Early 30-something. But instead they live in the past , shrouded with nostalgia for scenes long dead. You'd think their lives peaked at 19 and it's been downhill since. I can't understand this , esp with the present is so full of exciting challenging music + potential.

Doing it all again in March , dragging U.S Girls into the van for the first chunk , punk.

But , but but

till then we have LOVE:::::::

4-7$ sliding scale

AIDS Wolf - bummer core comin to town

DD/MM/YYYY - you know'm. party rock for the year 2000.

LIFE IN A VACCUM - Bucketeers from the fifth dimension

BreadCat - sleaze-wave pust-ponx



WEDNESDAY JANUARY 7TH 2009 at The Blackshire Pub
511 Talbot St


SATANIZED @ The Blackshire Pub


THURSDAY, JANUARY 8TH 2009 at The Boat (158 Augusta Ave.), 9pm

Montreal noise-punk band returns with more heavy hitting static-y guitar jabs & whining/screeching vocals. Distorted out of control, yet precise punk classics crafted/destroyed before your ears. Hectic as all hell.

Philly thrash/noise-punk devil worshipers fueled by Atari games & the blood of virgins hit in Toronto for the first time. A not to be missed spectacles of angular guitars swirls, bouncing bass and the dark lord!!!!

Still rolling hard with the release of their first LP "Post-Mortem Depression" Toronto's all star noise crew play it punk in an improv/free psych world. They re create the sounds of a thousand year old body functioning for the first time in centuries.


Toronto local lone gunman plays the guitar like it's water in a pan. Frequency blasts from all over the map, he creates jarring guitar noise soundscapes. Music for the future when we'll really need to communicate with robots or die.

Best pals Jeff Brown & Brian McOmber tread through heavy stoner rock psych territory. They prod through the jams like a slow large mammal. On tour from Philly & on first, come early & wake up.

$8 adv at Rotate This & Soundscapes



Mocking Music Presents:
FRIDAY JANUARY 9 2009 — Babylon Nightclub — $8.00 advance (available on — 19+/Licensed

AIDS Wolf (Montreal, Skin Graft Records—Touring in support of their brand-new album Cities Of Glass)

with special guests

HOLY COBRAS (Ottawa, Telephone Explosion, the best thing to happen to this city in, like, ever)


SAVAGE CRIMES(Ottawa, also incredibly awesome)

Facebook event thing

Hope to see beauty .

Welcome the new year! Dress warm , eat healthful.