Monday, December 27, 2010

Suck Is Happiness music video

"Suck Is Happiness" from the album "March To The Sea"

Director: Emily Pelstring

Monday, December 20, 2010

Catholic For Rent music video

We tried making a music video for AIDS Wolf but it all went to shit.

"Catholic For Rent" from the album "March To The Sea"

Production Credits:

Production Company: Exploding Motor Car
Director: Brett Long and Winston Hacking
Producer: Winston Hacking
Editor: Brett Long
Assistant Editor: Adrienne Crossman
Camera: Winston Hacking, Brett Long, Adrienne Crossman
Puppet Builders: Shira Haberman, Anna Beikmanis, Yukiko Hara, Brett Long, Martin MacPherson, Winston Hacking
Production Design: Winston Hacking
Sound Design: Andrew Zukerman
Puppet Voices: Andrew Zukerman, Winston Hacking, Martin MacPherson and Brett Long
Production Assistants: Matt King, Adrienne Crossman, Martin MacPherson
Puppeteers: Brett Long, Winston Hacking, Martin MacPherson, Adrienne Crossman

Special Thanks:
100 Sided Die Studio Co-op
Ben Jackson
Matt King
Shira Haberman
Martin MacPherson
Anna Beikmanis
Yukiko Hara
Andrew Zukerman