Monday, January 5, 2009

A Week Of Wishes

We've been back from the fall tour only a month and I barely remember what happened. I mean , I remember our collision in Philly , wet hair at the basement show and cooking a giant brunch with Megan . I remember getting the door welded shut in Baltimore and eating sauerkraut an Tarantula Hill . I remember being pulled over by the cops for no reason in Alabama , having to play our cd for them on the side of the highway while the drug dogs did their thing. Hiking in Chattanooga and crunching bits of fall under our shoes. I remember sticking my hand in the hot spring in ak and it being bright pink several days latter and I remember staying up till the morning in Oakland chatting with WW and doing in again then night night with 1/2 of A.H Kraken. I remember a billion and one burritos and new friends and crushes. Being a zombie in Portland and stopping at the co-op on the way. Laughing hysterically about Lou Reed and Arrington's imitations and stuffing myself with Erin's cookies in Vancouver. Singing with Gay Beast in MNPLS and having Isaack jam with us. Feasts with Anna and Pat in Chicago and candy all night , records all day in Toledo

But those thing don't make for stories do they?
Series of mundane but generally sweet events , with friends , strangers and those in between. Everything gets covered in a patina of excitement cause hangout times are short and rare and every once of "fun" gets crammed in. You feel so close to people you hardly know by playing together and sleeping on each others floors , that "knowing" becomes overrated and dull.
I like my music friends because they are brilliant and sexy but also a mystery and novelty.

We played with soooooooooo many good bands. Almost every night was an inspiration.

It's weird because I have some old friends I'm still touch with , from back in the day. They are all more or less the same age as me. Early 30-something. But instead they live in the past , shrouded with nostalgia for scenes long dead. You'd think their lives peaked at 19 and it's been downhill since. I can't understand this , esp with the present is so full of exciting challenging music + potential.

Doing it all again in March , dragging U.S Girls into the van for the first chunk , punk.

But , but but

till then we have LOVE:::::::

4-7$ sliding scale

AIDS Wolf - bummer core comin to town

DD/MM/YYYY - you know'm. party rock for the year 2000.

LIFE IN A VACCUM - Bucketeers from the fifth dimension

BreadCat - sleaze-wave pust-ponx



WEDNESDAY JANUARY 7TH 2009 at The Blackshire Pub
511 Talbot St


SATANIZED @ The Blackshire Pub


THURSDAY, JANUARY 8TH 2009 at The Boat (158 Augusta Ave.), 9pm

Montreal noise-punk band returns with more heavy hitting static-y guitar jabs & whining/screeching vocals. Distorted out of control, yet precise punk classics crafted/destroyed before your ears. Hectic as all hell.

Philly thrash/noise-punk devil worshipers fueled by Atari games & the blood of virgins hit in Toronto for the first time. A not to be missed spectacles of angular guitars swirls, bouncing bass and the dark lord!!!!

Still rolling hard with the release of their first LP "Post-Mortem Depression" Toronto's all star noise crew play it punk in an improv/free psych world. They re create the sounds of a thousand year old body functioning for the first time in centuries.


Toronto local lone gunman plays the guitar like it's water in a pan. Frequency blasts from all over the map, he creates jarring guitar noise soundscapes. Music for the future when we'll really need to communicate with robots or die.

Best pals Jeff Brown & Brian McOmber tread through heavy stoner rock psych territory. They prod through the jams like a slow large mammal. On tour from Philly & on first, come early & wake up.

$8 adv at Rotate This & Soundscapes



Mocking Music Presents:
FRIDAY JANUARY 9 2009 — Babylon Nightclub — $8.00 advance (available on — 19+/Licensed

AIDS Wolf (Montreal, Skin Graft Records—Touring in support of their brand-new album Cities Of Glass)

with special guests

HOLY COBRAS (Ottawa, Telephone Explosion, the best thing to happen to this city in, like, ever)


SAVAGE CRIMES(Ottawa, also incredibly awesome)

Facebook event thing

Hope to see beauty .

Welcome the new year! Dress warm , eat healthful.



Patrick said...

hey Chloe, i am glad you had such a great tour and hope to see in the Balto/DC area again soon

here are some of the pics i took in Balto

one of the most fun shows i have ever been too

Anonymous said...

the toronto show that just happened 5 seconds ago cut my face in half. amazingamazingamazingamazingamazingamazingamazingamazingamazingamazingamazingamazingamazingamazingamazingamazingamazing

Kevin Fowler said...
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Kevin Fowler said...

Ha ha, maybe next tour you'll remember enough for a book!

Anyway, hope you come back to Georgia soon! I didn't get to see you last time for a variety of reasons.



chloe lum said...

kevin - i think georgia hates us.

Kevin Fowler said...

Ha ha, that's not the first time I've heard that! Georgia hates everybody. Nobody shows the slightest interest at concerts and those who do are douches who knock me over and break my foot at the X show.
I feel your pain. It hates me too.

chloe lum said...

eep. that's harsh.
i guess it's good to know we aren't the only ones feeling a chill down south.