Tuesday, January 20, 2009

100th blog post....how awesome!

the pix from our little adventure playing shows last week will be up in a day or two....had to relearn basic html for pix (i suck) and then i went to montreal for the weekend and was too busy having fun to waste my time on the internet.

here's the hi-lites from this weekend.....

-seeing aids wolf and fucked up at casa (scary hxc dudes loved AW, whoa)

-watching aids wolf give a women's car battery a boost (what swell guys)

-hearing so much awesome new music with chloe and yannick (a.h. krakin=the shit)

-writing 3 new songs for my untitled band with chloe and yannick

-making and eating amazing vegan food back at the house

-learning the truth about "bad-ass" from alex

-chloe getting my band, thrashed genes, on the AW toronto show (thx chloe!)

-creating "THEE OUTERNET" with chloe (shit's gonna rule)

...and much more cool stuff. like i said before, i will post the pix i mentioned before soon, as well as hot new ones from this weekend. i also dug thru my laptop with chloe and yannick and found some older gems, such as pix from when i was in montreal with chloe and yannick in july 2007 making our first EP together (finally coming out soonish), pix and video's from the last canadian show with "muscle-man" on guitar, old aids wolf practice videos, etc.

judging by all this rambling, i think it's time to take a nap. fuck greyhound buses!!


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