Monday, December 10, 2007

Punk on the wrong speed with blown speakers

AIDS wolf in Dallas , playing.

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Some lovely photos of our LA set taken by Adrian Saenz.

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Photo of myself with Eben and Tobias of Be Bad , one the the best bands in Canada right now. Too bad they live in Halifax , a billion miles away from civilization 'cause otherwise I'd go see them weekly. Pic by Bridgette Sullivan

Tobias' impressions of our Halifax set:

"I saw them last night. Bring ear plugs or those construction site quality ear muffs. The toilet paper I stuck in my ears wasn't enough. They are the scariest punk band going right now. I know their new press release says "Remember when punk was weird?" but it's more like "remember when punk scared the shit out of the hipsters? and polarized the entire room. And pissed off the sound guy." The records might have good riffs/licks/beats/vocals but the live show is so pulverizing it becomes perverted.

They are louder than Motorhead or Slayer or Dinosaur Jr. And they take the concept of being a loud band as far as they can as human beings. Seeing them feels like getting the shit beaten out of you. And if you're the right kind of person you'll love that.

They don't sound like Arab on Radar like most reviews say, they sound like the mother fucking Boredoms in 1988. They are a bunch of weird looking kids with sections of their head shaved like lobotomy patients pounding everything, and endlessly touring the planet. They are on a really fucked up mission, and they are totally the real deal."

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