Thursday, December 13, 2007

NO CORE and a dose

Here's the NO CORE podcast by our pal M.P Lockwood , aka Radio Shock , of some noisy rock. We're in there as are a bunch of our friends , a bunch of bands we love and some great bands we're hearing for the first time . Download it for pleasure .

He sez:
"Yeah, a long wait for this one. Maybe I can pick up the pace after the holidays. Anyway, we've got here some stuff I picked up in recent travels and listened to on recent travels. Largely "rock" music this time out?
MUZIKS FROM: Abiku, PRE, HEALTH, AIDS wolf, Taiwan Deth, Fat Day, Xrin Arms, Scissor Girls, (((microwaves))), Sword Heaven, The Druggies, Buck Gooter, Calabi-Yau, Diet Cola, Bermuda Triangles,
Silver Daggers, The New Flesh, and probably more stuff I'm forgetting right now. "

So that's that!++++++++
Video of tripped out madness , AIDS wolf in Austin , by our pal Joey :


And finally a lil' plug for the raddest DJ night in Montreal , Time's Up.
Our guest this week is Pete from Born Dead Icons and resident DJs will be Linda Blair , Blam Blamdersson and myself , Chloe Scum.

I'll be playing a pile of sweet vinyl I picked up on the road . Stuff by Metalux , Abe Vigoda , Double Dagger , Skoal Kodiak , Daniel Johnston , XBXRX , Chanels 3 + 4 , Shearing Pinx , Factums , Psychedelic Horseshit , Los Llamaradas , Amoeba Men ect ++
Plus classic Time's Up tracks by Swans , The Intelligence , Lydia Lunch , Chrome , Hawkwind , Beefheart , Cheveu , Get Hustle , TV Ghosts, Landed and Throbbing Gristle.

TIME'S UP @ Black Jack - 3814 Notre Dame Ouest (near Place-St-Henri metro) - 9pm - 3am - EVERY THURSDAY
No Cover. Cheap beer. WEIRD PUNK, DEEP PSYCH, NAO WAVE, AVANT-GARAGE, etc..etc...

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