Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Filth and Size

Everyone is talking about the Camel cigarettes/Rolling Stone magazine "indie rock" cigarette ad fiasco. We were confused by our inclusion the "indie rock galaxy" 'cause , not only do none of us smoke cigarettes , 2 of us are fuckin' STRAIGHT EDGE.

It goes without saying that this was done without our consent or cooperation in anyway and we no have idea where they got the MP3 they put up under our name on The Farm website. It's funny cause they actually used an Athletic Automaton track from our split album with them.

I'm guessing the company who put this bullshit together just pulled the track from limewire or some shit and no one was savvy enough to figure out they had the wrong band.

I'm hoping if our name and music is ever used in an adversing campaign again , maybe we can at least get the cold hard ca$h and satisfaction that comes from selling out on our own accord.

Here's another recent feature on AIDS wolf , this time for Chalked Up magazine .

Photos from our Austin show by Matt B.
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And one from the Dallas show.
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Austin was WEIRD for us , it was one of those Dutch-style crowds. You know , they don't move around much and no one talks to you all night? You can just feel the waves of indifference permeating the room. After our set I was so bummed and alienated that I ran to hide in the dressing room. It was so obvious everyone in the room hated us EXCEPT for the fact that after I came back downstairs our merch table was buzzing harder than it had been all tour and all of the sudden i"m making new friends left , right and center.

We ended up befriending & staying with this kid Joey , the coolest noise rock-hippie I've ever met.

So I must ask of Austin , is it normal for you to all stand immobile , so far away from the stage?

In Dallas we played an art gallery rather than a club and it felt MUCH more normal.

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