Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cleaning house

2 clips of our triumphant Vancouver show , November 24th . This show was especially awesome cause this rad dude , Christopher , gave Myles and I haircuts. We both look so stylish now.

The Blog Hate Something Beautiful gave us a nice review and posted a few pics of us and HEALTH's LA show at The Smell.

interview for a Danish 'zine :

Who are you guys and how did you end up as a band?
We all met while receiving group counseling for mental troubles. We quit the counseling and our troubles remained. Now playing together is our therapy.

What's up with the name? Who came up with it and what does it mean?
Our leader wrote it on the side of a building in Ohio, we are just following orders from beyond.

Can you try and describe your music? Which instruments do you use and what kind of sound do you seek?
We try to sound like a marauding horde of barbarians. We're high pitched, abraisive and annoying. Punk on the wrong speed with blown speakers. We have 2 guitars, drums and yelling.

Any musicians who in particular inspire you? Are you inspired by other things than music?
Captain Beefheart, Ceatano Veloso, Black Flag, Flipper, Throbbing Gristle, US Maple, Chrome, This Heat, Saccharine Trust, Sun City girls, Billy Childish, The Country Teasers, Sightings, Usaisamonster, PRE.
We are also inspired by nature, physical fitness, healthy food and each other.

How much have you released so far?
1 cassette, 1 cdr, 3 split 7"s, one lp , one split 12", one collaboration lp. Another lp is on the way in the spring on Skingraft / Lovepump united.

Do you play many gigs around Montreal? Have you played in other countries?
We play every couple of months in Montreal and have played all over Canada, USA, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, and UK.

What are your concerts like?
Usually rowdy, physical, sweaty and earbreaking. A total bummer.

Are there any other musical projects linked to the band?
Brother Hong Kong, Clyffs, CMY Disease!, Hamborghinni, Les Enfants Sauvages are all bands members of AIDS Wolf are involved in.

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