Saturday, November 17, 2007

aids jerks

AIDS wolf enforcing our playing lists on you again

oh , bootlegs

we don't move gear!

Last night a very tiny (seriously , he was like half my size!) 17 year old boy proclaimed his love for me , 13 years ago I was him , proclaiming MY love for Al Johnston at the Cave . As a superfan myself (who has a history of humiliating myself by telling front men about my crushes on them ps. I never fucked any of them!!!) , I am as the Brits would say , WELL CHUFFED at having a few superfans of my own.

In San Diego I wrestled this kid to the ground and kept him down for the duration of a song. It was my personal tour highlight.

We've got 2 weeks left , it's crazy how fast the past 5 have gone by.

AIDSWOLF aids wolf AIDS WOLF aidswolf.

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1233 said...

I miss you fuckers!