Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting Laid(s) Wolf

WOW! Pop Montreal is over and I'm covered with bruises , have a split lip and a giant dazed smile on my face. The "Weird Punk" series was a success despite a few hiccups and I saw several bands who until recently , I knew only from their recordings.

After our show in Quebec city , Yannick and I were stuck in a very bright , very loud room and only slept an hour. That brought in a delirium that lasted the entire weekend and gave me hallucinations while I danced the nights (and mornings) away.Totally incoherent , any conversations I had on the weekend were nonsense babbling.

Thus , our set. Saturday Myles came down with a NASTY case of food poisoning and spent all afternoon and evening puking his guts out.By showtime , he was still vomiting so , being the "get-in-the-van) types we are , the show went on. We invited Erin (Ward , from Shearing Pinx) and Steve (Mattos aka Chrome Jackson , 1/2 of Athletic Automaton , ex-Arab On Radar , our very good pal) to join us from a 3 guitar psychedelic (the lack of sleep helped get those brainwave paterns running overtime , drugfree motherfuckers!) post-neo-wave freakout. We called it getting Laids(s) Wolf and played for about half an hour , part of that time I was hallucinating so hard the only way I could sing was to lie on the floor with my eyes closed.

It was probably one of the more satisfying sets I've ever played. Was it good? I was too tranced out to tell but my friend Jeff (aka Captain No-Pants) was having a blast watching the crowd's reactions and said we split their affections fairly evenly . I guess we'll know the results once Justin sends us the recording .

HOWEVER I offered guest list spots for our Sunday afternoon show to anyone who thought the jamz sucked and only 2 people asked.

Sunday , Myles was in better but not perfect shape and we managed to pull off a "normal " AIDS Wolf Set at the Cove . Afterwards I blushed and felt shy cause dudes from bands I really like lots told me we were good.

Having someone from a band you are a fan of , no matter what , is always akin to your secret crush asking you on a date.It's awesome and exciting and wonderful but deep down , your insecurities are making you paranoid it's some prank out of Carrie.

Or was I just an unpopular kid?

Either way , I hope the fine folks at the Cove start hosting more afternoon BBQ shows , this was seriously FUN , totally different vibe from nighttime shows. It felt so real and friendly , like we were all on the same team.

Shearing Pinx , Tyvek ,U.S. Girls & TV Ghost = Fellow Spaceways Travelers , possible new friends for lyfe. (It's true we played with Shearing Pinx a while ago so TECHNICALLY they aren't NEW friends but this Pop was our first serious bro-down with them.)

An Albatross = Old School crew , back in my arms at last! Can't WAIT till CMJ to spend more time with these truly wonderful men.

Black Feelings = one of the best bands in Montreal and total troopers for playing on the roof IN THE FUCKING RAIN!.

Some pics by Pierre:

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Only bummers were that both Neptune and Made In Mexico had to cancel , it just wasn't the same without them.

ATTEN: ONTARIO/QUEBEC! We might do a few smallish shows inside you at the end of the month (between Oct 26-29) , anyone interested in booking us holla : andre (at) blueskiesturnblack (dot) com.

Anything fun will be considered.


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