Wednesday, March 21, 2007

oops he did it again

Dj Rick played another track from "clash of the lifeforce warriors " on the most recent art for spastics and we feel all special and excited , like children whose names were mentioned on romper room.

For people into "noise-rock" , "pig fuck" , "art rock" , "scuzz garage " or just weird freaking punkrock , art for spastics is essential listening. Rick school fools on the historical roots and keeps everyone updated on the newest developments , including the most micro releases , tour cdrs/tapes and demos. he's the only person out there we know of covering this type of music with the amount of depth , care and research that makes art for spastics such a hot bookmark for no-wave fans in the know. No? YES!!

And of course , the beauty of these modern times is that folks from all over can stream or download the episodes , spreading the word far and wide. Bands are realizing they are not ALONE IN THE WORLD and are becoming best pals with other bands hundreds , thousands of miles aways. Tours get booked , split 7"s and tapes get made , and labels form and people are having the most fun they ever imagined.

We've witnessed bands more or less build carriers based on boosting from dj rick , but don't get it wrong. Dude is picky and doesn't waste time on the wonky.

The record collectors in our ranks love the fact that he'll mention the label and format of everything he plays , it's quite helpful for those who suffer from itchy paypal finger and record nerd-itis.

Now , art for spastics is on KDVS at UC Davis and they'll be having their yearly funding drive soon.

We URGE everyone with an interest in "noise rock" to donate a lil' something something in order to support the best resource our scene has. Heck , we certainly ain't getting support from print media . We also heard through the grapevine that donors will get a wicked cdr comp from the man himself.

If wishes are grated over the internet , that comp will feature a track by Wax Museums , they are a personal favorite here in the AW bunker and it on this very show we heard em for the first time. "I Eat Vomit" brought a tear to our collective glass eye. We only have one and take turns wearing it.

les loups sidas

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