Tuesday, June 5, 2007

bangin' the withdrawl....

You know, i've always said that weekenders are the worst. It's just a tease of touring , all the prep but as soon as you start feeling like you're in the swing of things -BAM! it's time to go home and nurse what my friend Craig refers too as post-partum depression. But with weekenders it's mixed with blue balls cause you just KNOW that if you had play another 2-3 shows you would really gave it.
So yeah , we played twice on the weekend and it , as usual wasn't enough. I got home Sunday wanting to play more and feeling jealous of every band that is on tour or getting ready to tour.

Knowing that WE aren't doing a full tour 'til October bums me out , even when I know we have plenty of work to do in the jamspace as we plan to record an album while on tour and still gotta work on the new line-up.

Both shows were fun but our sets were plagued by technical troubles.

In Ottawa , the PA had a meltdown and we put my vocals through a guitar head that was no match for the men's racket. Then in Toronto Andre's amp was wonky (right ater being serviced!) and then Myles' setup got really quiet. And according to Mclean , only the vocals were going through the pa and the drums were barely audible. Enought to make anyone feel paranoid right? It's like the spirits had other plans...

At least no brains were smashed. Some kid , most likely outta his mind on some illicit substance , took a nasty stage dive that no one caught. He landed flat on his face and started climbing on stage to dive AGAIN. He had been yelling for us to play "we multiply " and then when we did he started LOSING HIS SHIT. The bouncer ended up throwing him out , worried the guy would end up in an ambulance. It was pretty intense and awkward. I had no idea if we should stop playing or what. Anyway if you know him , tell him he's awesome and i'm sad he got thrown out and hope he's not hurt too bad.
It was probably for the best though.A brokenface is a bigger bummer than getting kicked out of a show.

Oh yeah , also tell him not to worry we'll never move to California.

So many of our fans seem to be weird , messed up misfits. It suits me fine cause those are the people i relate to the best. The only people who like our band who aren't messed up are other musicians. On reflecting on this Yannick and I both realized that to the bands we like , we are the weird fucked up fans.

The best part of both nights was watching Smoke Judo (check these guys out! they recal a more minimal, early royal trux- really fucking quality) and Fucked Up play head-bangin' sets and chilling with palz.

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Here's a pic i found of us in Zagbreb , probably one of my prefered shows of our last tour. I have no idea what's going on with my face and even less idea what people are saying in this review. Probably that we suck.

Bummer-core for life!



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Zerstörungstrieb said...

wow, how was croatia? my father is from there and i can't wait to make it over.