Friday, August 31, 2007

where it's going , where the hell it's been

So we went and played a few show s the other week in Toronto , Sudbury and here in Montreal. Big fuckin' deal right? More regional shows , whatdogever. These were different though. It was a 3 night triple bill with 2 of the bands in Canada that excite us most right now and neither of them are no-wave ,
Brutal Knights and CPC Gangbangs. It was so perfect that I wanna make sure ALL our shows/tours are ALWAYS powerhouse bills of bands we're fans of/friends with.

The way I see things is like this. Most people dislike our band , often times it seems even our fans dislike us. But we're not planning to stop anytime soon SO what better reason to tour than to always set ourselves up with bands we dig?
that way no matter WHAT happens we get to see a great show. And I get to dance and buy /be gifted records and shirts.

Myself and the Dre are working with Michelle , our booker on just that for our us tour and the prospect of FINALLY getting to see certain bands that NEVER come up to Canada is the part i'm most stoked about.

We really ARE a bummer.

ANYWAYS , that set of shows did rule my face. We pulled up late in Toronto after being stuck behind a car wreck . Nerded it up with my t.o silkscreen boy crew - Jesjit, Deforge and Pierre and then tramped up the stairs to have a religious experience seeing some sweet an' dirty garage punk band from Minneapolis called The Retainers. My only regret was not get their 7"s . Played our set , Myles' monoblock died 1st song in (2 dead Traynors so far - thank God BK had a monoblock ) and it sounded like mud. Despite servicing we seem to have a lot of gear dying on us onstage lately. Last time we played T.O both Myles' fender and The Dre's gallien-kruger died , very embarasing!

Totally hackey sack.

We got off the stage dejected and feelin' like dirt , fretting over our suckitude but everyone was falling all over me with compliments so either sucking doesn't matter or we gotz palz in Toronto. Or maybe CPC gave E to everyone , and not just Dan Burke who sweetly drooled on my hand while kissing it. Danced my ass off the Brutal Nights but midway through CPC's set the pit started getting a lil' too shovey and alot too full of broken glass for the likes of me so I took a break outside and made some new friends.

Groped Lindsay (pretty rack) , crashed with Uncle Mark , had an intense time with a very drunk Eugene ,you know , Toronto.

Woke up visited our pal Steve's store , got free shoes and some food. Bumped into the Gangbangs and realized just how SEXY Paul is at a fruit stand.GET IN THE FUCKIN' VAN.

We were the first to arrive in Sudbury and i guess it made sense to go next door and eat free pizza till the Varge! guys showed up. Danced my ass off more, swapped records and some kids made my day by buying a pile of posters (Yannick and I are BROKE!). It was all fun except for this kid Josh who dropped his glasses onstage and they ended up STOMPED by Nick. Oh wellz. Shitty luck duder.

Got back to Jeff and Mitch's place , broed down with Varge! and BK , CPC drove to North Bay and cheap motels. In the morning we realized that all the members of BK ESPECIALLY Nick are sadists who like to use terrible music to torture their enemies. Ate bananas and got the fuck out. Enjoyed our stop in Sturgeon Falls to eat fries , and back in the van. Or wan.

8 or so hours latter we pull into Montreal , first again. Cops are EVERYWHERE and all the streets are blocked . Danny tells me there was a cop shooting and i believe him asking really in shock. He tells me he hopes so. St Laurent is half under construction so after circling the 'hood a few doz times we finally pull up on the sidewalk to unload. By this point i'm feelin' fluish. Swollen glands , sore throat. Cursing having to play.

Y and I run home to check on the cats and plants and arrive back 1/2 through Brutal Knights' set. As we enter the venue crusties are loudly yelling that the show is almost done cause the only good band is 15 mins into their set.

That sets the tone for the entire night where I latter meet two friendly kids outside start chatting only to have em tell me they came outside cause the second band was so shitty. I tell em I'm in the second band and awkwardness reigns. I don't give a shit though. I'm fulla advil and bad vibes of my own and all i wanna do is crash. I don't watch the Gangsbangs for more than 2 songs , i'm too flushed and woozy to chill inside.

The Next day we're all up at 9am to head to a recording session at Hotel 2 Tango , for our split 12" with Night Wounds. I sleep pretty much all day and leaf through a copy of Vanity Fair the last band left while the dudes make noise. I manage all the vocals in one take , not cause i'm satisfied (too outta of it to tell) but because I'm SORE. Radwan seems to think I sound awesome though. I guess I'll find out when we get the mixes.
One thing we recorded that i feel VERY confident about were 3 short improvs. I think they are the best and most creative "'jams" this band has ever managed.

Review of the Montreal show here.

If yr in Montreal and are savy , rush out to see Andre's side project , Les Enfants Sauvage (w/ members of les georges , cpc , fly pan am) tonight at the DGC.



Zerstörungstrieb said...

excellent show indeed. such a solid line up.


Nick Flanagan said...

Man I felt terrible about breaking pour Josh's glasses. I hope he's OK now. I'm also somewhat guilt-ridden about the bad music-playery, but I had little choice in the matter. Remember Times Up? That's more my true style of stuff I like. Those shows were indeed total fun. Hope tour is going well right now.