Monday, July 21, 2008

Nearly Forgotten....

Momus wrote about us in his Live Journal. He has some interesting things to say about making culture outside of commercial ambitions .

AIDS Wolf in Lyon , FR.
You probably can't tell in the video but I had a nervous breakdown (THE nervous breakdown?) right before we went on. It seems my mental faculties always fall apart in France.

It's weird though , so many people were filming and taking photos , this is the only evidence.
If you saw us on this tour and have photos/audio/pics/reviews (even bad ones!) ect please send us the link!

aidswolf .at. aidswolf .dot. net



In other news , Montrealers into avant rock , cranky garage and weird punk could do worse than to show up at Time's Up on Thursday nights . It goes down at Blackjack , St. Henri's best neighborhood dive. This week I'll be be djing alongside some of the best in town.
My playlist will potentially include : The Rebel , Courge , Crack Und Ultra Eczema , Abe Vigoda , Yikes , The Dippers , Costes , Double Dagger , Clockcleaner , Love Tan , Singer , Harry Pussy and Deep Jew.

Save a dance for me ok?

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