Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pas Rapport - the download version

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Here is the downloadable version of our 2009 Spring Tour tape, Pas Rapport --- these are straight from the Master files! Perfect sound! This is the real shit! No crappy pirate tape dub! One generation down from us playing the tunes.

Download it here: AIDS Wolf Pas Rapport

For all the info and track listing, go here

For the complete artwork, go here and scroll down.


Unknown said...

Yeah. Nice Stuff. Thanks for giving this out for free...anyway I would love to buy this...but no copy´s left...



Katsunori "BEARBOY" Nagata said...

great bonus from the band! thanx!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much!

I wanted to see you guys really bad, but unfortunately i'm under 19. Oh well, maybe next time.