Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Their Own Words: AIDS Wolf and SHOW!

In Their Own Words: AIDS Wolf

A collage of multiple interviews about AW, including a lot of talk about our creative process, with Chloe and Alex. Produced by Martin Simon Greizis, who also happens to be doing sound at the Casa Del Popolo once in a while. Part of a series on different local Montreal bands, originally broadcasted on CKUT during the Montreal Sessions show, and then syndicated at a bunch of different places. You should check out some of the other interviews that were done a part of this series, especially Dirty Beaches.


Talking of the Casa, we are playing there on Friday February 25 in a sort of Badmaster Records showcase with Ultrathin, Satanized, Drums Like Machine Guns and Dead Wife. This is actually a realease of a Ultrathin 7" on Badmaster, and at the same time I guess a commemorative show of the 1 year anniversary of the release of our split 7" with Satanized on the same label.

Coincidence is that the 25th of February 2011 is the 41st anniversary of Mark Rothko's Suicide---- Evan from Satanized mentioned the possibility of them doing a cover of Rothko chapel by Morton Feldman... If they do so that would be quite a feat!

Here are short descriptions of the event and release as provided by the label:

"GLASS CITY" b/w "DON'T MESS" is the debut 7" by Montreal palm punk trio ULTRATHIN. Two over-the-top, power punk anthems, barely contained within the grooves of this vinyl disc. Like a cherry red bullet ripping down the same high-way The Stooges & Mayyors used to get to the bank and back. Twisted, over-blown guitars, oozing bass sleaze, the relentless pounding of drums and a manic freak behind the mic, power this rock-n-ripper. 1st pressing of 300 on black vinyl on Badmaster Records.

BADMASTER RECORDS are a Philadelphia based label that have put out records by some of the current heaviest hitters in noise rock (such as AIDS Wolf, Drunkdriver / Mattin, Shit & Shine, Mutators and Pop. 1280 among others), as well as some of Philadelphia's best underground acts of recent times (Tickley Feather, Satanized, Hot Guts, Serpents of Wisdom, Drums Like Machine Guns, Mincemeat Or Tenspeed). Last year, they also released a free online digital compilation called "DIS-ADELPHIA," which features tracks by Philadelphia acts such as U.S. Girls, Birds Of Maya, Women, Hot Guts, Satanized, Drums Like Machine Guns and many others (available for download at http://www.badmasterrecords.com/)

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