Friday, October 12, 2007

Past vs The Present

Chris Taylor (ex-AIDS wolf guitarist , now living in Brooklyn) grills Myles Broscoe (CURRENT AIDS wolf guitarist) about playing on his Marshal , cab ethnic heritage , stress and what to eat.

C: soo, you owe me some money hotshot....?

M: shit sorry dude.i can mail a cheque tomorrow. does that work? or i could give it to you in person in october. I totally forgot. either send me your
address or ill give it to you in new york.

C: heads up dude, this is the interview!! its already begun. soo...what
kind of gear are you using with AW since you began playing with them?

M: I use a Rickenbacker 610 through a splitter into a) a fender 4 x 10
Deville and b) a traynor mono block into a 4 x 12 Marshall cab(Chris' old cab!).
Thats it! no fx.

C: What would you rather drink, a Poo Shake or a Vomit shake. If you had to...?

M: dude,i dunno. i think vomit would be more hygenic.

C: interesting, that reminds me have you read the book "The Omnivours
Dillema" ? about how are choice of foods to consume is so large that
we have lost touch with what appropriate nutrition is supposed to be.
What is your ethnic heritage and what kind of diets did your
anscestor's partake in?

M: No i haven't read that book but ive heard that its very interesting
from other cooks. i am a smattering of different central european
nationalities that went their seperate ways in the 19th and 20th
centuries and coincidentally met up again in america. big names are
german lutherans, czech jews, catholic slovak peasants, polish
blacksmiths, ruthenian goatherds. alot of goose fat, kartoffeln,
kraut, rotegrutzte i presume.

C: what I really want to know I guess is how your ethnic roots have
informed your own food choices if at alll, for instance my relatives
are from Wales and Scotland and so they likely ate a lot of farm food
like pork, beef, dairy and shitty soup. I really like shitty soup and
cheese makes me feel STRONG whereas things like soy milk and sake
whine give me gas and runny poo. you eating a lot of Polish sausage
then ?

M: no. i like some central european food but not all. they have this
kind of unpasteurized cheese in poland that is maybe the best food
experience i have ever had but after eating large amounts of it two
years ago i became fairly ill.

that said though i feel like i have a pretty tough stomach. and i
don't necessarily have to stick to my ancestral regionally specific

C: so your some kind of modern hybrid? that's probably a good thing to be
if your in a touring band because you have to put up with a lot of
inconsistent cuisine on the road. I hear you guys are going back to
Europe this coming Spring, Ive noticed that on tour in countries like
Germany 'breakfast' basically meant buns, spread, coffee and slices of
ambiguous yellow cheese, whereas in England its slimy eggs, beans,
toast and tea. Do you have a morning tour ritual ? and does it involve
food? if so, what???

M: i don't know about europe, i've never toured there. and its been awhile
since i did any serious touring so i cant think of a real morning
ritual. i hope to create one on this trip though. i suppose ill let
you know if i manage to create one.

C: hmm, do you have any pre-show rituals? there was this game we used to play where you had to try and
masturbate in the van without anyone knowing about it and the rules
were that if you got caught you had to jerk off the person that caught
you but if you didn't get caught and managed to successfully pull
yourself off you would throw your hands up and go "TA-DA!!" and then
everyone else would have to jerk YOU off the next time. I think we
called it 'The Incognito Mosquito' . speaking of games, do you play
chess? cause Andre does and he's pretty good at it, you guys will have
to play each other at some point.
anyway, lets try and wrap this up, when you come to New York in the
next week and you play the first AIDS Wolf show with me in the audience
how are you going to feel? are you going to be nervous cause maybe Ill
be standing there thinking you really suck???

M: I don't play chess and i'm sure andre could kill me. Of course playing
to a former member of a band is always stressful, but if i wasnt
confident enough to do that i wouldn't be confident enough to play any
show. SO i think it'll be cool. And I don't have a consistent pre show
ritual, but i suppose i should get one, like left sock before right
sock, kiss back of right hand three times before hitting first chord.
hope you're well,
see you soon,

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