Thursday, October 4, 2007

Record Recs from Wolfs

Just because kids ask us at shows all the time, here's a listening list from each of us. Subject to change week by week.
Arab on Radar --- Soak the Saddle
Caetano Veloso --- Araca Azul
Chrome --- Half Machine Lip Moves
Chrome --- Alien Soundtracks
Lake of Dracula --- s/t
Mississippi John Hurt --- Rediscovered / Today
Scott Walker --- The Drift
Silver Apples --- s/t
Suicide --- First Album
Teengenerate --- Smash Hits
Thee Mighty Caesars --- Surely They Were the Sons of God
This Heat --- Deceit
Throbbing Gristle --- First Annual Report
Throbbing Gristle --- 20 Jazz Funk Greats
US Maple --- Long Hair in Three Stages
US Maple --- Talker
Velvet Underground --- White Light / White Heat
Athletic Automaton - 5 Days in Africa (Liquid Death/Hello Pussy)
Albert Marceour - S/T (Atlantic)
Arab on Radar - Yahweh or the Highway , Soak the Saddle (Skingraft)
Black Flag -My War Demos (bootleg)
Brutal Knights- Feast Of Shame (Deranged)
Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica , Lick My Decals Off Baby , Clear Spot , Doc At the Radar Station , Grow Fins (Various)
Cheveux-My Answer is Yes! (Rob's House)
Country Teasers -Satan is Real Again , Destroy All Human Life , Science Hat Artistic , The Empire Strikes Back (Crypt , Fat Possum , In The Red x 2)
Coachwhips - Bangers vs. Fuckers (Narnack)
Der Teenage Panzer Korps -Harmful Emotions (Siltbreeze )
Edmond De Deyster - Selectie )1 (Ultra Eczema)
Emerson Lake & Palmer - Tarkus (Cotillion)
Ex Models - Chrome Panthers (TMU)
Fat Day - My Name Is I Hate You (100% Breakfast)
Fat Worm Of Error - Pregnant Babies Pregnant With Pregnant Babies (Load)
Flying Luttenbachers , The - Destroy All Music (ugEXPLODE)
Godz- 2 , Third Testament (ESP)
Homostupids -The Intern (Parts Unknown)
Intelligence -Icy Baby (In The Red)
Jesus Lizard , The - Liar (Touch & Go)
Lake of Dracula -S/T (Skingraft)
Lil Bunnies -Unabunnie 7" (Wrench Records)
Locust , The - Plague Sounscapes (Anti)
Los Llmarada - The Exploding (S-S Records)
Lydia Lunch -Hysterie (Widowspeak)
Mars- Lp (Important Records)
Night Wounds -Allergic to Heat (Woodsist)
Peppermints , The - Jesus Cryst (Paw Tracks)
Pink & Brown _ Shame Fantasy 11 (Load)
Rebel , The -Prawns (Junior Aspirin)
Screamers - Demos 77-78 (bootleg)
Sick Alps - Pleasures And Treasures (Animal Disguise)
Sightings -Arrived in Gold (Load)
Six Finger Sattellite - Paranormalysed (Subpop)
Sun City Girls - Horse Cock Phephner (Placebo)
Stallions , The - Hey Baby It's The ...(Junk Records)
Usaisamonster- Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age, WOWAH (Load)
US Maple - Sang Phat Editor (Skingraft)
White Savage - S/T (??) 7" (Hozac Records)
Yes - Fragile (Atlantic
Baby Head comp (S-S records)
the lounge lizards- no pain for cakes
need new body s/t
piero umiliani-angeli bianchi...angeli neri
lutys de luz- spain
the unireverse-dude has his own agenda
scientist-scientist wins the world cup
iggy pop-zombie birdhouse
spank rock-yo yo yo
rahsaan roland kirk-blacknuss
herbie hancock-future shock
the velvet underground and nico s/t
jimi hendrix- isle of wight
henry mancini-charade
ennio morricone-duck you sucker
v/a (african high life) love is love
bad brains s/t
albert ayler trio-spiritual unity
mussorgsky-night on the bald mountain
killah priest- catechism
talking heads- the name of this band is talking heads
gang of four-entertainment
orthrelm-asristir vieldriox
gilberto gil-louvacao
delta 5-mind your own business
Captain Beefheart - Lick My Decals Off, Baby
Der Teenage Panzer Corps - S/T
The Functionnal Blackouts - The Severed Tongue Speaks For Everyone
Robin Williams On Fire - Death Bomb Arc Cassette Club track
Various - Batucada Por Favor
Various - Baby Head compilation
Gay Beast - Disrobics
Vampire Can't - Key Cutter
Pussy Galore - Exile On Main St.
Ettrick - Feeders of Ravens
Fast Foward - s/t
Zaka Percussion - s/t
NightWounds - Allergic to Heat
Ex Models - Chrome Panthers
Fat Day - Cats Of The Wild
Mars - The Complete Studio Recordings
Gods - 2
The Peppermints - Jesüs Chryst
Neptune - Mice and Worms
Death Sentence Panda - Festival of Ghosts
Harry Pussy - Live
Konono no.1 - Congotronics
Einheit Brotzmann - Merry Christmas
Albert Marcoeur - s/t
Landed - s/t
Gosslings - s/t


Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Y! Psyched to play with y'all again in St. Paul. See you then!

- I from GB

Forkimified said...

I would like to make love to your record collections.