Tuesday, April 8, 2008

2 Watchdogs Watching Cable.........

Never before Sightings have I ever met a band that is so cheerful and matter of fact about bumming out audiences . And when you are as far on the weird dial as these guys are , a bit of joy goes a long way to keep morale up. They are 3 regular , down to earth dudes who are making some of the most original and spellbinding music I've ever heard. A band that manages to be both fast and slow at the same time , where the grooves reside in the empty spaces between notes & beats .

Their latest record , Through The Panama ( Load / Ecstatic Peace!) is produced by Andrew W.K and manages to be both more clean and austere than their earlier work. Some noise fans might sniff at the queasy melodies but fans of Sightings' cathartic performances will dig the accurate representation of the live sound on record.

Personally , I find that shaving a layer of fuzz from their records does A LOT to expose the songs' scaffolding and shows off some next level playing and composition. In FACT , I personally challenge any jaded fuck insistent that music just ain't as good as it was "back in the day" to listen to 'This Most Real of Hells', the 5th track , a few times and then try to say with a straight face that there's nothing new under the sun.

It's danceble , hypnotic , paranoid and HOT.

Oh and very weird. It's become a bit of a single-player game for me to listen to this at the gym and mentally deconstruct the songs to see how they are put together but no matter how many times I listen , I can't get any insight on their compositional process.

Scarier and sexier (seriously , it's avant-rock that you FUCK to. When did that last happen? Not since Royal Trux and U.S Maple called it quits that's for sure!) than any other band around , last time we played with them I gave myself a concussion from banging my head too hard and hitting in on the monitor. And it was well worth it , even if I lost a few IQ points.

While the sound on this live clip doesn't do the band justice , it gives you an IDEA of what's in store.

10 Apr 2008 Sala Rossa Montreal, Quebec
Sightings w/ AIDS Wolf , Japanther , Black Feelings
11 Apr 2008 Oxfam Cafe Medford, Massachusetts
Sightings w/ Baixa, Bezoar , Life Partners


12 Apr 2008 AS220 Providence, Rhode Island
Sightings w/ AIDS Wolf ,Japanther , Trouble vs Glue


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