Friday, April 4, 2008

Kombucha > Cocaine

" So you guys all play in a rock band and not ONE of you smokes???"

That's what the border guard said to us as we crossed back into Canada Monday evening. He wasn't the only one who was incredulous over our healthy lifestyles and low party threshold.

Easy going , not too exciting. Wholefoods and hot showers and laundrettes are where WE hang. Soccer fields and beaches when it's warm out.

The shows were all fun , except for Detroit which was a BUST. We were SUPPOSED to play with our palz ,Monotonix at this D.I.Y space called Scrummage University (totally sketchy!) and got press and everything . At the last minute they canceled our show (plus most of the other shows they had booked) without so much as an explination and held a DANCE PARTY instead. A dance party with a 5$ cover. Just another reason why "the kids" suck ass.

So we got added onto the BIG SHOW at the BIG VENUE and it was kinda weird. We played at 8:30 to an empty room and then drove an hour and a half to a motel cause we didn't have a place to crash. As the random guy smoking weed backstage said " AT LEAST YOU GOT PIZZA!"

The rest was a blur of rowdy times with dudes with beards and fros , drinking kombucha and eating salad and tofu. Chicago (with Monotonix) was especially fun and Pittsburgh , despite the small crowd was especially rowdy. And bearded.

Still , it was kinda chilly so there was no soccer to be had.

GOOD THINGS: new drummer in Monotonix is the HILARIOUS , Todd R. came to our show ,
John Roman , chillin' with Zack , Unholy 2 ,Italian Ice , weird kids in Ohio who get ROWDY , BEARDS , MIKE BUDAI + his awesome posters , very good looking dude in Pittsburgh who bit my hand , vitamins + supplements , the staff at The Empty Bottle , GT's Kombucha.

BAD THINGS: all having colds ,Scrummage University, coming home, smoke.

Here's a video of the Pittsburgh show , it's dark and you can't hear me-- just like being there!

This is the AWESOME band we played with , Italian Ice.


Hot off the presses : AIDS Wolf NEWS!

- The tracks for our upcoming album all all mixed . Now they just need to put in order and sent to the pressing plant for a fall release.

- We'll be doing a split 7" with Santanized on Badmaster Records. We played with Satanized last fall in Philly and kinda fell in lust. They are one of my favorite bands we played with (they also have the best looking front man) and I'm really happy they asked us to do this 7" with them. Now we just need to record something! We love evil and we love goodlooking friends . Meow!

-We're playing a few shows next week. Yep.

-Our Nov.08 US tour is being booked now ,interested folks should contact Michelle Cable about setting up a show in YOUR city.


Chris White said...

Also very disappointed about the Detroit cancellation! A friend and I briefly considered attending the big show, but the big ticket price to ultimately only see one band was the deal breaker. I long for the day when only positive things happen for AIDS Wolf & Seripop in the Detroit/Windsor area.

chloe lum said...

ha ha , you and us both!

we like so many detroit bands so obs wanna play there .

sam said...

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