Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Secret Secretions

Some of you keep asking for AIDS Wolf lyrics. While I'm flattered you are interested in what I'm yelling/mumbling I'd have to say , please hold off on the cover bands. At least until we break up .

The lyrics are mixed low , I slur and garble and spit and sometimes choke on the words.

It's all secret secretions , subliminal messages.
Not unlike speaking in tongues .

Like Beefheart said , "You got ears , you gotta listen".

It's all there and is an integrated part of the whole. Inseparable. My tongue stays in my mouth for now.



Forkimified said...

My favourite line goes something like "Diz ab ur raigh uf neem ool zain ubf meen ur ain zab gain ur laiv."

chloe lum said...


Forkimified said...


I am entranced by the bizarre sounds produced by your vocal cords, and the way they intertwine with and flow around the streams of metallic rubber emanating from the instruments.

I just hope I'm not missing anything important because of my inability to interpret, as I can pick out more words from the mating call of the melting banana. :p

Garl said...

I fell asleep on the floor in a crowded building listening to March to the Sea, and I could understand every word until I was woken up.