Friday, September 12, 2008


Playing the whole album tonight and tomorrow , and then some.

Goal: trying to take the perimeters of "rock" or "punk" and push the to the breaking point. ????

Tour dates are up , line-ups coming together .

Goal : to get to see all the exciting bands that will never make it to Montreal by playing with them. (and buy their tshirts and 7"s) !!!!!!

Saturday September 13 08
Indian Jewelery
Romo Roto
Thrashed Jeans (Mclean's new band)
@ Whippersnapper gallery , Toronto.
All Ages - 10$

ALL there will be a poster art show featuring:
Seripop (me an' Yannick)
Micheal Majewski
Jeremy Wilson
Gavin Dee
Michael Deforge
Aaron Ber
John Kurmis
Haggard Beast
Adam Swinbourne
Steph Davidson
Tad Michalak
Leslie Predy
Tomas Del Baso/Alex Mckenzie
Mat King

Art Show starts at 6pm , bands around 8:30.

I feel weird about playing. Andre's last shows and the last time we played together was in Tel Aviv , a billion years ago. Montreal is pissing rain and the day is generally non-beachy. Listened to Panopticon jam last night and they have tapped into this heavy psych that goes perfectly with the clicks and drones of our printing press. SO GLAD they are FINALLY putting out an LP. Brace yourselves , Montreal has a few secret weapons.


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