Friday, September 19, 2008

Mirror , Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Weirdest of Them All?

If I had to say who the biggest weirdo in underground music , I'd vote for my buddy Jeff Schneider , formerly of Arab On Radar , currently of the excellent Made In Mexico .
Brilliant guitarist , hilarious guy and total superfreak.
He's pretty quiet in real life bro-downs but online , he's got alot to say. I love this dude.

On Reggeaton:

On Bands:

Making Money/ That D. Boon shit:

Influences part 1:

Influences 2:

Made In Mexico @ The Knitting Factory


If you wanna see ME dork the fuck out , my Black Flag cover band, The Sandwiches , are playing tonight at Katacombs , tomorrow at Casa. We play all of Damaged. I "sing".
Please don't throw shit ,I'm not tough like Hank.


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vinceent said...

thanks for the link to jeff's videos