Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shoot Me , NOW

So yesterdayI got a lovely message praising our new record a part of it was a congratulation for how we made our cover of another band's song "our own".
Except it's not a cover . We have not recorded a cover to this date. If we did we would not change the title of the song and we WOULD credit the band.
I'm baffled.

Speaking of covers , my on-and-off Black Flag cover band , The Sandwiches, played a few shows the other week. One of them being an after party for the
Mudhoney show across the street. As soon as I stepped of the stage , Mark Arm asked me if we could do it again.

As fun as it is to make fools out of ourselves playing all of "Damaged" , I think The Sandwiches , or at least this version of them are laid to rest for good.


In totally ancient news (aka I suck) we did the record launches aka 2 last ever shows with Andre and they were happy sad. As I've mentioned on this blog more than once , playing local shows always gives me crazy amounts of stress because I'm simply too aware of who's there , who's not and all the promotion details . Also as we generally bring outta town bands to join in the fun , I worry about them having a good time , being satisfied with the show AND getting a good impression of Montreal.
This time was no different. Yannick and I were up printing till 5 am the night before and the day of , I couldn't nap cause it seemed everyone I know was calling. Dancing around the kitchen and listening to The Intelligence while drinking homemade kombucha and taking every vitamin known to man only goes so far to replace lost hours of sleep.
So tired and wonky I got to the venue and as usual started panicking. Panopticon Eyelids were great , Indian Jewlery were great and we played to a very rowdy crowd (maybe 2 rowdy with one dude BLOWING in my face--wtf? multiple times , Tobias lifting me over his head and Eben grabbing my face and pulling it.) . In the rowdiness I realized that outta the 250 people there , I only knew about 20 and a wave of calm washed over me. In the 5 and a half years since our first sow at the defunct Pasalymany's , our local crowd has turned from mostly being people we know to being , what? Fans? Kids? I have no idea who these people are but I love that they move and I love that I no longer feel nervous.

Walking around outside with my friend Lisa after the set was kinda weird cause kids were all"oh is that the singer ?" , It seems strange to be anything other than just Chloe , especially on home turf.

The Toronto show was more "fun" and yet yet more drama at the same time. Since we hadn't been there in a year (!!!!!!!) pretty much ALLLLLL the Toronto crews came out (yes even TEAM BURNOUT) so just catching up with everyone all night was LOVELY! The poster art on the walls only made the night better as did the mock duck from Buddah's.
Mclean's new band thrashed jeans brought the flipper meets meets throbbing gristle jams (although I could only hear one of the guitars, not to guitarists 15 watt amps are for the bedroom , not the stage. ) and I really really impressed with Romo Roto

I had a few talks with a few intense fans (thanks Toronto , we love you tooooo) including Tavis who flew in From Winnipeg (your dedication is awesome and it reminds me of myself when i was your age) and one girl who started crying on meeting me. Awkward yet AWESOME. THIS is the reason to be in a band. If only a fraction of these people end up pursuing art or music making , it'll have been worthwhile.

Of course ,being an AIDS Wolf show there needed to be a bummer and our bummer starts and ends with a violent sack of hippy shit.First he climbed on stage ,stomping on a buncha gear , THEN he threw a bottle at Andre , hitting him in the face THEN he was onstage again , punching Myles in the back.I was in the crowd and had no idea anything was amiss until my bandmates walked off the stage 2 songs before the end of our planned set.

Afterwards we saw some REAL violence on the street while loading our van .

Some photos Pierre took




Ends and starts , our first show with KZZZ is tomorrow night in Quebec City

Jeudi le 2 Octobre
251, rue Dorchester:
Quebec, QC

Festival Antenne-A

LA soirée si vous aimez les sensations fortes et les performances qui résonnent pour les semaines à venir.
22h - 8$

An Albatross
An Albatross est un orgasme sonique, une bourrasque mécanique, saccadés des signatures des temps éclipsées par des pseudo-mélodies d'orgue Farfisa. Vous connaissez un groupe qui fait quatre prestations en une journée, qui offre un spectacle qui fait l'équilibre entre une attaque explosive de disco, une cérémonie Appalaches manipulateur-de-serpent et James Brown? An Albatross de Philadelphie est reconnu pour sa performance légendaire et sa musique est incontestablement parfaite pour la génération d'aujourd'hui : courte, complexe et remplis d'éclats viscéraux. An Albatross souligne la sortie The Family Album en tournant au travers l’Amérique et en nous rendant une première visite à Québec. Visite qu’il ne faut pas manquer!
An Albatross

Aids Wolf
AIDS Wolf est un groupe de noise rock canadien originaire de Montréal. Ils ont débuté chez Pasalymany tapes mais sont actuellement signés chez Skin Graft Records et Lovepump United. Citant Captain Beefheart, ils comparent leur son à quelque chose comme "une pieuvre mangeant de la bouillie dans un sac de polyéthylène" (a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag).

Billets en feu chez Platine le disquaire et à L'Agitée.

AIDS Wolf , aids wolf, AIDS WOLF , AIDSWOLF

Here are some olddddd and short videos of us in Orlando!


x said...

I love the story about the crying girl!! it's sort of the weirdest but most ultimate compliment

chloe lum said...

seriously, she made my fucking year!
i relate cause i've been the crying girl too(royal trux at the jailhouse 98!)

i think it means we're doing something right!