Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jus' Like Them Olde Dayssssss....

Micro tour of So.Ontario with Mclean on board , brings my mind backkk , way back. To Misassuaga house shows w/ Athletic Automaton and woodland chillin' w/ Uasisamonster.

However , them Funtario times are best enjoyed in summer or fall , to get the crazy legs a bit of action. January touring in Canada is precarious , snow , ice , slush all conspire against your life or at very least comfort , nevermind sound checks.

Thus we arrived late for our house show in Waterloo. Soggy , hungy (thanks to Foot Village this is now a constant in our lexicon , second only to imitating Lou Reed). Bleh bleh. We have no idea who lives at the house but quickly get comfy eating our shitty take out(touring in Canada would be 1000 x better if there were something equal to wholefoods with a hot buffet of healthy food for takeout) and chilling with Uncle Mark and the boys of DD/MM/YYYY. Rustle up some tea in the kitchen with help from the friendly hippie and start feeling "normal" again. Go down to watch the 2nd band but crowdedness = panik attack so head back upstairs . Watch DD/MM/YYYY perched on top of the washing machine , behind the band where no one can get me and the air won't run out.
They are excellent that night , the newer songs are esp. hectic and I'm feelin' PSYCHED.

We get out there , the basement is crowed but kids are kinda uptight . A few are even sitting on the the floor ( are we being mistaken for a postrock band just 'cause we're from Montreal?) , thankfully Tomas is there to bring the rowdy and after a song or 2 a few dudes join in but mostly the kids look paralysed . Mclean latter suggests they were scared. I hope so cause that's better than bored. Of course it wouldn't be an AIDS Wolf tour without a technical meltdown and Alex's Traynor (that we JUST got repaired days before) died in the first song so our sound = off.

Shit ends early and we don't know ANYONE in town , DD/MM/YYYY split for Toronto and capt. Hippie Poncho gets freaky in the living room with his crew. Uncle Mark , being a smart cookie , has brought a pile of DVDS and puts on The Jesus Lizard one so we can all chillax . Within minutes the room is cleared. It feels slightly awkward that no one wants to hang and slightly strange that we're the only Jesus Lizard fans in the house but whatcha gonna do?

Kids today! They just don't get that this is one of the best bands of the past 40 years and that David Yow is not only the best front man but is also the sexiest person alive.

But I digress . Eventually our party of 5 unrolled the sleeping bags and lay in the dark for a while until quiet came and brought sleep.

The next day we drove around desperately looking for food (the one vegan spot in town turned out to be a store , not restaurant) and waiting for the amp to be fixed. Nothing too exciting. Everyone is broke so no crate digging.

It snowed all the way to London , Kinda scary cause the new van desperately needs new tires and , again mapquest failed us.
WEe arrived an hour late but neither the promoter nor the soundman were there. And once the soundman got there we were told by the irate waitress that we couldn't soundcheck 'cause folks were eating downstairs. Thank goodness for the 5 pm load in!

I give a call to Evan to meet the Satanized boys for dinner but he tells me that cause of the weather , they are a good 5 hours away. They end up arriving around midnight , about 15 minutes after we get off the stage , and I think I must have called him a half dozen times.
Our set went well , there wasn't a ton of people but those there were ROWDY. And really , what more could ya want want. Lots of posi comments from the kids , Mclean latter said "You guys are a big band to them" flattering for sure , but rather absurd.

London pics

The Traynor DID however survive and once the Philly crew arrived we were treated to 2 most excellent sets , too bad most of the locals had split.
Right now I'd say that SATANIZED are one of my favorite bands and probably one of the best tour discoveries. They make technical , aggressive music that is sexy , catchy and fun. And very dark but with a sense of humor . I can't wait to hear their new record , that Andrew tells me is a concept album about anal sex.

BEST CONCEPT EVER. How can anyone not love this band?

Had some brief but sweet hangs with and men and after pushing the van out of the parking lot , did the late night drive to Toronto. Got to Mclean's around 4 , slept till well past noon and spent most of the day shopping for for and cooking that night's feast.

The feast (balsamic veggies + tofu over rotini with pesto + a hearty salad) was just the start to a near perfect night.
All the bands were great and from DIGUISES (one of the better bands coming out of the very fertile Toronto scene) on , there was the MOSH. So much mosh in fact , that I got a lil' scared. Mclean , as usual was a kick ass bouncer , keeping the rough at bay. I was glad kids went so wild over Satanized , seeing as it's their first Toronto show.

I love seeing quality recognized.

The night was fun , mostly. But right before our set some ugly jerk-assed douche got in my face. Dunno if he was just trying to bait me or was just your typical drunken aging hipster who doesn't do anything creative but thinks for some reason his opinion matters , either way it would have been a waste of energy to clean his clock. I need that adrenaline on stage , not off. It didn't really matter 'cause everyone who counted was hyped.

I gotta say , I love playing Toronto. It's a city filled with rad bands and the crowds are always good looking + ready for action. Never boring or apathetic .

Toronto picccccsss
AIDS Wolf's first feature in a Toronto weekly

Back to bed after watching the Can DVD and admiring Damo's package in red velvet .

Got up , ate , left for Ottawa. I'm feeling sicker by the minute. Most of the night's a blur for me , of feverish delirium and chugging hot tea. I had heard great things about the second band but the face pain made hearing difficult. The swollen glands made standing near impossible. I only noticed that the front man , shirtless , was kinda hot , although static. Of course it turns out that he's 19 and dating my friend. He could use a copy of that Jesus Lizard DVD.

We played , I had no energy or range . The men however , were on fire .
Fuck it , drove home listening to Kraftwerk and Wolf Eyes all the way home. BED.

Saw a few blasts from the past but in general I felt too shitty to really hang. I always feel weird playing the home town , it's like consorting with ghosts.

Pierre's photos

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Justin said...

I keep telling the kids about the Jesus Lizard, but they still haven't bought into it yet. They will.

chloe lum said...

the kids need an intervention. if you don't listen to the lizard you are part of the problem.